Embroidery Workshop and DIY Floral Bar @ Butter Studio

Christmas is finally here! I’m definitely feeling that joyous atmosphere here at Butter Studio! A few days before I left for Hong Kong, I was invited by Shannon from Butter Studio to attend an Embroidery workshop.


This workshop was conducted by Teresa from Tee Tee Hee Hee.

Each of us were given a folder with a wooden embroidery hoop,a piece of embroidery cloth and needles.

When I was told to draw a design on the cloth, I was like, “Gosh! It must have been ages ever since I last drew something that comes right up to my mind!”. But it didn’t take me long to figure out what I would like to do with the pencil…

Deenise Glitz is my name I used in this blogosphere. 

Why glitz? I love all things glittery and sparkly. 

And flowers? Nature never fails to make me feeling all calm and blessed. Besides, it’s the closest thing to my heart. It’s beauty that is reflected into our eyes by nature. 

I guess this is exactly why I had started this blog – sharing my thoughts and ideas on how to stay beautiful that starts from loving ourselves and taking good care of our bodies. Each of us is like a delicate flower that blossoms when we are in the healthy state of mind and body.

Teresa showed us the single thread sewing technique.

Oh! I learnt that before during my Home Economics lesson. I used to love sewing so much that I started to sew purses and pouches for my friends and myself! Onced I envisioned myself starting a clothing line named Glitz so I started sewing my Brand name on little pouches and gave it my best friends as birthday presents!

Oh well, that was probably how the word ‘Glitz’ has resided in my heart since young. Looking back, it was a big dream but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, right?

I might just work on fulfilling this dream. Someday. I hope.

Threading needles into a woven piece of cloth can be something so therapeutic like listening to a piece of classical music.

I’m really starting to love embroidery.

You know, I fall in love with almost every single thing in life. 

Science, Music, photography, art, dance, languages and now fitness. The world to me is this never-ending gigantic playground.

I brought along my best pal, hoping that would untie her knots of fear and anxiousness in her. Stay strong, my friend!

Two hours have past and I’ve yet to finish my design.

“15 more minutes,” Teresa reminded us.

Okay, I’m giving up.

No, don’t give up. 

I’m glad I didn’t. All I did was to think of other ways to fill up my design with colours.

Apparently, I sitting with a table of other like-minded people who are both creative and artistic. We all have our artistic side, don’t we?

Check this out, guys! Who says men can’t do embroidery? It’s a plus point to the attractiveness of a man.

Rigt after completing my embroidery work, I started to work on my personalized flower bloom jar at the DIY floral bar. I didn’t know what was it about till Shannon taught me how to do it. Basically, it’s like a flower arrangement activity where you picked some beautiful fresh flowers and put them in a glass jar filled with some water.

That’s my creation. I should have snip the stalks to shorten it, shouldn’t I?

Many thanks to Shannon for the wonderful invite and Teresa for conducting this lovely workshop.

Have a blessed Christmas, everyone! 

May all your wishes come true.

There’s something magical in this world.

* Showers glitter dust *

Fancy some cupcakes at Butter Studio?

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