Gardens by The Bay : Christmas Sugar Mountain

My favourite attraction of Gardens by the Bay has to be the Flower Dome that houses so many beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers for your eyes to feast upon.Since the flower display changes from time to time, there’s always a reason for me to visit the Flower Dome over again and again. 
This year’s Christmas theme at the Flower Dome was ‘ Christmas Sugar Mountain’. It’s such a happy place to be in especially when there’s a lot of fruits and vegetables which looked so yummy that I just want to toss them all into my salad bowl. Unfortunately, we can’t pluck them and gobble everything up.

Hey! That succulent red bell pepper has to go into my salad, really!

Remember to take a whiff as you walk along the path where there are plenty of brightly-coloured roses.

Christmas carols in the garden

A visit to Gardens by the Bay should include visiting Flower Dome, Cloud Forests and their Visitor shops to purchase the ‘Gardens by the Bay’ ice-cream specially crafted by Udders. They’ve got exotic flavours such as Durian, Lavender and Earl Grey Tea! But I still prefer the Lavender flavoured one! The imagery of lush lavender fields starts to surface whenever I take my first scoop out of the mini tub.

This is the Early Grey Tea ice-cream. It strangely tasted almost like Teh Tarik to me but it’s not too bad!

I found some really cool new finds while patronizing the gift shops there. They sold cute mini pots of plants like these which requires little maintenance. It will be nice to have one and display on it my office desk as the plants and tiny flowers can really brighten up the whole atmosphere.

Magnetic birdies which can ‘sit’ on the tree.

When the sky darkens over at Garden by the Bay, the whole landscape looks rather magical.
See those dazzling stars on the super trees?
Quick, make a wish.

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