Itoh Collagen Powder: Do Collagen Supplements Really Work?

The word ‘collagen’ is part of the beauty and skincare lingo and if you’re turning 25 like myself, you’d better include this into your beauty diary and find ways to maintain or increase your supply of collagen in your skin. Because the moment, the collagen levels in your body decreases, your skin might sink with gravity.

There are health articles saying that collagen supplements and collagen-containing skincare products doesn’t really work because first of all, collagen doesn’t get absorb through the skin upon application and secondly, collagen is broken down into amino acids upon entering our body.

So when I was introduced to Itoh Collagen powder, I was a quite skeptical about the effectiveness of it. However, I decided to give it try based on the very fact that it was actually endorsed by a popular Taiwanese makeup artist, Kevin. And I wouldn’t think this beauty guru would endorse a product if it’s not effective. Besides, it’s one of the best-selling health supplements in Japan.

Itoh collagen powder is extracted from healthy pigskin and cartilage which are tested by Japan SPF standard.Unlike other collagen supplements, Itoh collagen powder is actually tasteless. No fishy or unpleasant taste at all! It also contains no sugar and it’s fat-free.

A box of Itoh collagen powder comes with 14 small sachets which contains 100% collagen. Each serving contains 11.2 Kcal(calories), 2.8 grams of protein and 7 grams of sodium.

Each sachet contains 3000 mg of collagen that can be dissolve to any drink or soup. I usually add it to my breakfast brown rice cereal, smoothies and juices. It is recommended that we can consume 1 to 3 sachets per day.

This low molecular collagen powder are much smaller in size which makes it easier to enter the bloodstream. So, how much collagen gets absorb into the body? According to the report of the research institute of Tokyo University of Science, those who purportedly consume this supplement for a month has a 22% increase of collagen in their body. I could swear by this if I could also undergo a test to see if the collagen levels in my body actually increase after consuming it for a month. Besides, it’s not like my skin will feel as bouncy as a fishball after finishing 14 sachets. Bo-ing, b-oing!

Well, as for now, I’m just enjoying sprinkling this ‘beauty powder’ over my breakfast cereals. Whether the collagen gets absorb into my body or not, I guess there isn’t any harm supplementing some form of protein into your diet. Psychologically, it might make you feel better about your skin. 
Glow, skin, glow!

ITOH collagen ( SGD49.90 per box) is available at Guardian stores. 

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