Love, Chloé : Love and Comfort

Call me old, mature or whatever. I have a fetish for powdery floral scents that would remind you of your mothers and old-aged grannies. I would have sprayed Yve Saint Laurent’s Paris if not for it’s overpowering floral scent that would repel people away from me. But I guess that I was lucky to find a somewhat similar perfume that smells ‘younger’. I would say that Love, Chloé embodies the soul of a young feminine women who faces the adversities of life, with a gentle, kind and loving smile.

It’s nothing sweet, spicy or over the top. It just reminded me of roses and peonies. That soft dreamy-like fantasy.

It gives me comfort, assurance and love – reminding myself of how beautiful the world is.

Then, I would feel that I was soaked in true bliss. That’s when I would strut off with my comfy shoes down the street with a smile.

Love, Chloe


Louise Turner and Nathalie Gracia-Cetto
Top Notes
African orange flower, pink pepper
Middle Notes
Iris, hyacinth, heliotrope, lilac, westeria
Base Notes
Rice powder, talc, musk

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