Modgam Lookbook

I was super excited a few months back when Modgam approached me to model their clothes. Surprise? Totally. I was never an ‘S’ but always an ‘L’. Without that narrow waist, thigh gap and v-shaped face, there isn’t much of an opportunity be part of this fashion world where it’s championed by beautiful skinny wannabes. No matter how much of a disdain we had about the media in trying to define woman’s beauty, we woman intuitively know that being beautiful is all about looking slim,fit and healthy. 
Plus-sized, full-figured… whatever.
Debatable social issues aside, I’m very much into photoshoot. Or should I say that I love modelling, posing and taking photos? The way I interpret modelling has nothing to do about looking pretty and likeable. Modelling, to me, is an expression of art in itself. Like fashion, like photography … the element of art in all these areas is what strikes a chord with me the most.

A little tilt in head, a tiny adjustment in the way that you smile, the emotions in your eyes…
It requires a lot of body awareness. It tests how much and how fast you could connect with your soul. This job isn’t bimbotic, people. You’ll need the brains, the genes and that wonderful personality that makes you shine.
I would be lying if I tell you that I didn’t enjoy the whole modelling process from the start of preparation to the photography portion. 
Every woman should model and do photoshoots to boost her confidence and self-esteem. It can be really empowering to just look at yourself in the photo and acknowledge the fact that you can be beautiful. How many women these days can look into the mirror and say that they are beautiful? 
Sometimes I myself couldn’t even bolster the confidence to say it.
You know how inspiring magazine editors and life coaches would say, “No one is perfect. Everyone is beautiful?”
I’d say, “You only look beautiful when you think and feel beautiful.”
Ever-lasting beauty… is what women should be looking at.

Mag from Modgam gave me a text the day before and thank goodness I could make it for the impromptu photoshoot. I headed over to her Elrica‘s house for a makeover after rushing down from an event.

Elrica’s makeup skills is superb! She totally transformed me into another person.


Yes , I know. I don’t look like myself at all.


One of Elrica’s instagram followers said I looked like Britney Spears with the dark vampy lipstick colour. I was like, seriously? 

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