Mygenlife Detox (Nectar) – Clean Out Your Body’s Rubbish Chute

A proper detox starts from cleansing out your inner guts. After feasting on Dim sum and Mickey Mouse waffles in Hong Kong, I was looking forward to go on a juice detox. However, thank goodness I didn’t have to rely on juicing to clean my guts as I was sent a box of Mygenlife Detox Nectar drinks.

Mygenlife drink was formulated in U.S.A and it detoxifies the body by eliminating waste matter that sticks to the walls of the colon. How nice it would be to scrape and clean out all that grim,rust and dirt that have been stucked in your rubbish chute for years?

Want to eat and live clean? Start with a clean colon first.

This, I had to say, works as good as drinking green juices because an hour after sipping this sweet flavored nectar from the 50ml glass bottles, I had to make a beeline to the toilet for some dirt dispensing. Immediately, I felt light after emptying my bowels. It’s a perfect post-travel or post-feast drink where you would like to feel ‘cleaner’ on the inside after eating all those junk.

You will find 6 bottles of Mygenlife drinks in a box that would last you across 6 days ( 1 bottle per day). I would usually drink it right at the start of the day, on an empty stomach, just before breakfast. A couple of hours later, you will feel the urge – the urge to sweep everything out.

Main Ingredients:

Aloe Vera Gel SD 100x ( Patent ) balances the pH, reduces stomach acidity and promotes gastrointestinal bacteria balance.

Multi-Vegetable Enzyme aids digestion.

Multi-Berry Extract is a powerful anti-oxidant that help supports the immune system and protect the body against free-radical damage.

Vitamin C and E : Vitamin C helps the body produces collagen to maintain the tissues of the digestive tract while Vitamin E helps to prevent oxidative stress and aids in digestion.

This is a great detox drink for those who felt fatigue and bloated due to slow infrequent bowel movements.

A bottle a day, keeps you from feeling like a slug 

(*I mean sluggish)

Mygenlife is available at Guardian. It can also be purchased from Hannah Holding website

Mygenlife is formulated in U.S.A and manufactured in Taiwan.

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