Recipe Featured on EZYHEALTH Magazine : Banana Cinnamon and Walnuts Soft-Serve

It’s December again! Time’s running as fast as a cheetah. Looking back, I had realized that I’ve took the 180 degrees turn and transformed into this person who used to hate working out to now, a gym freak and a juice advocate. During this soulful journey, I got to know about raw food and other vegan-related diets. All these non-dairy, meatless and raw food are fantastic and healthy but I know my body can only function maximally with one of the most accepted diet called ‘balanced diet’. But the very reason why I’m still exploring and trying out raw and vegan recipes because I find it very intriguing and creative to create healthier versions of the otherwise sinful dishes. In addition, raw and vegan recipes are often fuss-free and requires little or no cooking at all!
So, today, I am going to share with you a raw vegan dessert recipe which was also featured on EzyHealth magazine in Singapore. I’ve got an email from the EzyHealth to contribute a healthy dessert recipe for Christmas for their December issue but I was a little hesitant about this given task. I mean, I am not quite a food expert, chef or a nutritionist to speak, so why me? But then again, why missed this amazing opportunity of contributing a recipe which will be published in a local magazine? So there you go…
Extracted from EzyHealth Magazine ( e-book, December 2013),

I’ve actually shared a recipe about using frozen bananas as ice-cream on my blog before and it’s one of the best guilt-free ice-cream recipes by far. It’s so deliciously good that I knew that I had to share this to those who have not heard of it. It’s like a new revolutionary in the history of ice-cream making, really.


To create an awfully creamy banana-only ice-cream, I highly suggested that you use a powerful blender or a food processor to whip the frozen bananas. Otherwise, you could use a normal blender to blend it but the consistency will not be as creamy as ice-cream. Instead, it will look more like soft-serve which is similar to the one reflected on the photograph above. I wish I could owned a food processor or a Vitamix blender but there’s just isn’t much space in my kitchen!


Do grab this month’s issue of EzyHealth Magazine to find out other healthy Christmas recipes contributed by other writers!

EzyHealth and Beauty magazine is Singapore’s Premier Health & Beauty Magazine since 2000. It is available for FREE at all Guardian and Watson’s stores.

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