Shea: Bath and Body Products that Makes You Smell Just Like Nature – The Flowers,the Leaves and Raindrops

Other than including including more natural and raw food into my diet, I’ve been looking into ways to change my other lifestyle habits which includes using safe and eco-friendly beauty products that are effective and gentle on the skin. After all, maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about eating clean, it’s also about incorporating the use of natural and safe everyday products which could otherwise cause us harm if it’s toxic. I mean, would you want to use a body foam containing harsh chemicals that could cause allergic reactions on your skin? Don’t forget that the creams and gels we apply on our skin could penetrate the skin layers and enter our bodies. That is why there’s a demand in natural and organic beauty products that this made up of ingredients obtained right from nature.
Just recently, I got to know about Shea, a shop that retails homemade soaps, scented candles and other bath products which are infused with pure essential oils. I frequented the shop a week ago and I was elated to find several lovely ‘treasures’ in there.

Shea sources products from all over the world that are paraben and sulphate-free. These products includes:-

Bomb Cosmetics (England) – Handmade shea butter and essential oil-based products
You’re Gorgeous (Wales, UK) – Cold process essential oil based chemical free soaps
Saadia Organics of (Morocco) – Pure hand pressed Argan Oil
Shea of (Ghana) – Pure Shea Butter and African Black Soap
Specialty Soap Shop (Australia) – Fresh Goats Milk, Honey and Aloe Vera soaps
Savonnerie le Serail (France) – Traditional cold process Olive Oil soaps
Nyassa (India) – Aryuvedic anti-hair fall and anti-dandruff hair oil
The Seaweed Bath Company (USA) – Seaweed bodycare products for eczema and psoriasis
Provence and Nature (France) – Natural body perfumes

Running out of gift ideas for your Valentine on Valentine’s Day? Valentine Haze tinned candle melts out sweet scents of love. It consists of a delicate blend of pear, orange, raspberry, rose, jasmine and violet essential oils.

Scented candles from Bomb cosmetics

Handmade soap bars by You’re Gorgeous

Handmade soaps VS Commercial soaps

I didn’t know what is the distinctive differences between handmade soaps and commercial soaps til I read up more about it online. Commercial soaps sold in shops these days are loaded heavily with harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Handmade soaps, on the other hand, are made traditionally from all natural ingredients. During the soap making process (or saponification), the by-product glycerine will be left in handmade soaps to moisturize and soften the skin. However, in commercial soaps, the glycerine is usually extracted out to make skin lotions or moisturizers and the glycerine would be in turn substituted with other inexpensive harsh chemicals. So the bar soaps at Shea is going to be totally different from the LUX soaps that probably cost you less than SGD 3 per bar of soap.

These pretty floral butter soaps not only adds fragrance to your bathroom but it also could be used as a decorative item to beautify the shower area.

I’m a shower gel-type of person and the very last time I actually used a bar of soap was way back many years ago. The sole reason why I wasn’t really fond of using soaps is because it usually slips out of my hand when it’s wet. But these days, I am beginning to appreciate the beauty behind these handmade bar soaps that are infused with pure essential oils. You could give yourself a good massage as you rub the soap all over your body. Besides, bar soaps are greener than shower gels due to the minimal packaging. Want to go eco-friendly? Opt for bar soaps that are made out of biodegradable or natural substances.

Bath soaps by Bomb Cosmetics

Suffering from ugly cracked heels? Try this foot cleanser and skin softener to help you achieve your baby smooth skin back on the soles of your feet.

These ‘Little Hotties’ or Home Fragrance Melters by Bomb Cosmetics are one of my favourite products sold at Shea. Simply melt these ‘little hotties’ over the candle warmer or candle burner to free out the scent that would fill up the room almost immediately. Instead of burning the whole chunk of scented candle to add fragrance to the room, I would rather melt these wax melts over heat. What’s even more amazing is the fact that you can combine different scents to create your bespoke scent for your home!

This little wax melters make unique gifts for your friends and loved ones. A perfect gift for those people who love receiving personalized gifts. If you have a creative trait in you, you will also find it really fun and inspiring to invent your own unique fragrance combo as you watch them melt down into a swirl of colours!
You’re really lucky if you own a bath tub right at home. Because you will be able to use these bath blasters and watch it as it frizzes in water! If you’re travelling and would most likely stay in hotels equipped with a tub, you should totally grab one of these cute bath blasters and experience what it is like to be ‘soaked in bliss’. Bubble bath, anyone? Don’t forget to bring along your rubber ducky!
I believe that one of Shea’s secret potion has got to be this tiny tinted blue bottle of 100% Pure cold-pressed cosmetic grade Argan oil. It’s nothing quite like the clear plastic bottle of Moroccan Argan Oil I bought from our local drug stores that costs me about nineteen dollars. The price itself tells it all. 
The one and only product that I would choose to bring along with me to a deserted island would have to be a bottle of Argan oil. Why? Simply because of it’s multitude of uses and benefits. It can be used on the hair, face, body and even your nail cuticles! 
And here’s a little makeup tip; to achieve that Korean Female K-Pop star’s dewy fresh look, you can do so by rubbing a few drops of Argan oil on your face before applying liquid foundation. It makes you look more radiant and youthful while at the same time moisturizes and nourishes your skin. Argan oil also helps you to reverse your age by ironing out wrinkles and fine lines!
The Seaweed Bath Co. is one of Shea’s specialty products which are suitable for those have eczema, psoriasis or dry skin.

Bomb Cosmetics Pure Essential oils
Bomb Cosmetics Natural Carrier Oil

I would love to receive a pretty gift set like the one shown above!

That evening, I went home with Bomb Cosmetics body butter and Little Hotties, You’re Gorgeous bar soap and The Seaweed Bath Co. shampoo. I have tried out the Little Melties by melting it over an electric fragrance warmer and I was pretty impressed by how long its scent actually last ! I could leave the melted wax on the burner for a whole day before the scent starts to fade off. This is a product worth stocking up!

Another worth-mentioning product is The Seaweed Bath Co.’s Wildly Natural Seaweed Argan Shampoo that has been raved about by many online reviewers for it’s hair moisturizing benefits. It is packed with alot of good stuff like Argan oil, seaweed extract and Vitamin E that gently conditions both your hair and scalp. I’ve been using it for several days now and I find that I probably wouldn’t have to apply hair conditioner after shampooing since my hair already felt soft and conditioned after each wash. Did I forget to mention that this shampoo is chemical-free and 100% natural product too?

Interestingly, the man behind The Seaweed Bath Co. is Adam Grossman, a long-time psoriasis sufferer who has probably created such a product for himself as well as others who are suffering from similar skin conditions. But, of course, this is a great shampoo to be use on a daily basis even if you are not suffering from any skin diseases.

Okay, I think it’s going to be a little hard for me to switch back to drugstore shampoo products which contains alot of chemicals.

If you’re into bath and body products, this is a great shop for you to uncover really good finds which are otherwise not found in our local health and beauty stores. There are also testers where you can sample and try some of the products. I remembered that I left the shop the other day smelling like nature – flowers, leaves and raindrops.

With special thanks to Mr.Jagdeep for the shop tour and products.

Check out this Lunar New Year Special at Shea!


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