Sylvia Skin Atelier : A Pampering Facial for Mummy and I

A couple of weeks ago, I brought my Mum to Sylvia Skin Atelier for a luxurious facial session using Institute Esthederm products. And the reason why I had to ask my mum to tag along with me for facial this time because I tried their facials and have been loving it! What I really like about the facial is the simplicity of the steps involved. It heavily relies on the hi-tech products and gentle facial massages by the beauty therapists to bring radiance back to your skin.
Institute Esthederm is a Parisian skincare line that incorporates science and technology in their formulation of products. This high-tech skincare brand is what I called SMART products that worked effectively with minimum effort required from you. 
It’s been quite some time ever since my mum had her last facial. Even though she isn’t suffering from any problematic skin condition, I thought that it would be nice for her to enjoy a pampering facial session where she could relax and enjoy a good facial massage too.
Usually, I would be the one lying on the bed and getting my facials done by the beautician but that day, it was my first time witnessing how a facial was done unto others. The first step starts off with deep cleansing using Institute Esthederm Gentle deep pore cleanser. This is the most gentlest form of deep pore cleanser I’ve ever used. 
 Interestingly, this product works by ‘vacuuming’ the dirt and impurities embedded deep within the pores. It has this cream texture that has no exfoliating beads in it and what the beautician would do is to gently massage the product all over your face with a very light pressure. Immediately after this deep cleansing step, your face will feel refreshed,moist and supple. Unlike other cleansing products, this deep pore cleanser doesn’t leave your skin feeling taut or dry.

I was given a sample of Institute Esthederm Gentle deep pore cleanser by Sylvia Skin Atelier to try at home. I used it about once a week and each time after cleansing, I would notice how smooth my skin would feel. The scent of the cleanser is both pleasant and therapeutic too. This product is also sold at Sylvia Skin Atelier. Apparently, this product is flying off the shelves really fast!

Using Cellular water spray that instantly revitalized the skin. 

The Cellular water was invented by Institute Esthederm researchers to replicate the water found naturally in the skin. It’s the type of water that your skin would be hungering for.

Here comes the highly anticipated part of facial – massage! My mother spent most of her time taking care of the family, doing household chores and also working to bring back income for the family. And I think this is the much needed massage and facial session for her to simply unwind and pamper herself. You don’t have to wait til it’s Mother’s Day to treat your mother well right? And one of the ways to show some love for your mother is to bring her to a salon for a facial or massage treat. 
I noticed that my Mother’s skin was already glowing after the cleansing step !
Finally, it’s mask time!

The cooling face mask supplies and replenishes your skin with all the nutrients and minerals your skin cells need.

I wish I had a skin like my mum even when I’m entering my fifties! Her skin is still firm and supple even as she is about to enter her sixties.
After the facial, my mum felt that her skin texture was more refined and smoother. No doubt, her skin was much more clearer than before and it actually illuminates under the light.

My previous facial with Sylvia Skin Atelier took place about a week ago and I was really impressed with the effectiveness of Institute Esthederm products gave me a radiant skin. Even without extraction, I felt that my skin was much clearer after the deep pore cleansing step.

But, of course, doing monthly facials isn’t enough if you want to achieve flawless skin. Home skincare maintenance is also crucial. This includes using the right skincare products which are suited for your own skin type.At Sylvia Skin Atelier, they believe in educating their clients about their own skin type and recommending the products they would need to get rid of the imperfections in their skin. It isn’t easy to get great skin but it’s certainly not impossible to achieve it.

Ladies, it’s time to show your skin some love!

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