Winners of The Apartment: An Interview with Deankie and Tiara

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Recently, I carried out an email interview with the winners of  The Apartment, Season 3 – Deankie and Tiara who are the Filipino representatives of this design competition broadcasted on STARWORLD channel.

The Apartment, Season 3

Deankie Tiara Interview The Apartment Season 3

In this TV series, amateur designers would have designed the room interiors of the apartment. Each week, they need to prove the judges that they have the creativity, originality, taste, and passion to win the ultimate grand prize – rent and mortgage-free life, with a brand new luxury apartment thanks to Sime Darby Properties.  

My TV subscription doesn’t include STARWORLD channel so I didn’t have the opportunity to watch the teams in action but I was intrigued by Deankie’s and Tiara’s humble story background where their presence, hard work and talent really proved to the world that nothing is impossible.

This down-to-earth duo are fresh graduates from an Art School and with no money and unemployed, they decide to hop up on this opportunity and enter this competition. They probably didn’t know how this competition would have changed their lives and destiny right then. It must be their never-say-die spirit that keeps their energy levels and passion burning alive. I knew right then that I had to interview these two wonderful vibrant people.  

It must be tough competition out there but they have not failed to humbly impress the judges week after week. Despite both only being 23 and with no real experience beyond art school, how did they pull through this competition? Is there a thing or two we can learn from this Filipino resident team?

Deankie Tiara Interview The Apartment Season 3
Source: The Apartment Facebook

1) Kumusta! Congratulations on the winning of Season 3 of The Apartment! First and foremost, is there anyone, in particular, you would like to show gratitude to?

Deankie: I would like to thank The Apartment and Sime Darby for this gift of a lifetime. I would like to thank my Partner Tiara without her this would not have been possible. I thank My Family, Friends, Life Mentors, and for supporting me all the way. Most of all to God for blessing me with the talent, determination, trials and inspirations.

Tiara: For this kind of achievement I like to show my gratitude to my Daddy and my Mama for being supportive and proud throughout the competition. To my partner Deankie who was always strong, focused and patient with me during the hard times in the competition. The Apartment family and Imagine Group for helping us and making sure that we are taken care of and giving us this chance of a lifetime, it has changed our lives forever! Most of all to God for guiding us and blessing us with strength and knowledge.

2) I believe that most of your university mates would busy going for interviews and worrying about their future career. However, you’ve chosen to take a different route. What spurs you to take this risk? Did you expect yourself to gain anything out of this competition?

Deankie: I personally believe that nothing in life is impossible, aside from the urgent situation my family is in (our house is to be foreclosed this December). I also see this as a great jumpstart to my career in interior design since I just graduated. Taking risks could always create a big difference in our lives, be it a triumph or a learning experience, it will always create an impact in our lives. This is also how I see the design, it is life, and with the right guts and reasons, it was a chance I was willing to take.

Tiara: When we got the chance to be in the competition my mind was like “okay this will change my whole life forever” and so I have to give it all and take the risk with Deankie. It was just unexpected that everything happened according to plan, to bring home the grand prize.

3) What is one thing that you can’t stand about each other?

Deankie: I tend to get inspired and passionate at times that when I start to explain the possible design in my head, Tiara will suddenly cut me off by saying, “Okay! Okay! I cant picture it out can you just draw it?” Uggghhh!! Hahaha! I tend to be Italian in a designer kind of way, and sometimes I think she thinks I am being bossy and I don’t listen to her ideas. I do listen, but listening doesn’t mean you agree. Hahaha! …But love this girl! Our differences create a unique dynamic as a pair and 2 minds always work better than one.

Tiara: When he is under pressure Deankie can sometimes become bossy and tends to lose his sense of humour. But most of the time he’s hilarious and fun to work with.

4) Who’s wearing the pants in this competition? 

Deankie: Sometimes I think she thinks I’m bossy and that I don’t listen to her ideas. I do listen, but listening doesn’t mean you agree. hahaha! …But I love this girl, our differences create the perfect dynamic for a team and as I said two minds always work better than one. Plus my voice is gifted with a bossy tone low tone, lol.

Tiara: I would say Deankie… but, sometimes me… hahaha!

5) Define Filipino creativity.

Deankie: Just like our history, it is multicultural and very diverse that it can go global. It’s Ingenious, innovative, and soulful.

Tiara: Filipino creativity for me is most likely creating a piece with a touch from the past but forming it in a modern way. It’s all about loving and preserving our tradition just like in any other countries.

6) You’ve got so many fans who commented on Facebook that they are proud of you guys representing the Philippines in this competition. Could you share with us about what is so unique about the Pinoy spirit?

Deankie: My fellow Filipinos are just amazing, they have given us such overwhelming support. I for one, play a fair share in the Filipino Life drama story,.. just like everyone in the whole world, one blood supports another, and Filipinos happen to be very expressive and like what my parents taught me, my success is everyone’s success.

Tiara: Pinoys are very approachable, supportive, proud and heartwarming people. It is so flattering because so many Pinoys commented about how proud they are of us. Deankie and I feel at home talking to them.

7) What goes behind the set? Do you guys actually sleep or eat at all during the competition?

Deankie: Yup we do eat! Hahahha and still rest physically! I personally lack the mental and emotional break having so much determination and focus on the competition. My eyes would be closed but my mind was awake most of the time.

Tiara: Everything on the set was actually jumbled. I couldn’t eat sometimes while working. There was no time for resting and very little time for chit chat.

8) You two are really funny on television. Is this a way of keeping things positive during the show? Who’s the joker here?

Deankie: Tiara and I joke around most of the time, even in real life. And yes it is one way to light things up, knowing how stressful the challenges were. We had to make sure we weren’t eaten up with all the jitters and drama happening in the competition.

Tiara: Deankie was definitely the show guy during the filming. Everybody loves him because he was always making everyone laugh. It was our anti-stress though 😀

9) What comes next after winning this competition? Any dreams or hopes for the future?

Deankie: Hopefully in time I will be able to have my own Design Firm, become an established interior designer and live simply and happily with my family.

Tiara: We really wanna pursue our career as a designer and work in a prestigious company. We are now about to live that dream that we have always wanted!

10) What does it take to become the winner of The Apartment? Any advice for contestants who are taking part in the next season?

Deankie: I would definitely say to take risks, and not to be afraid of learning and improving. Design with your heart and spice it up with your personality. Convey a message with your design. Don’t Decorate, But Design! 🙂

Tiara: Take the risk, don’t hold anything back, and lastly, just be YOURSELF! “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”– Walt Disney

Be bold and go for your dreams!

Feeling ever ready to design your own destiny and chase hard and fast after your dreams? Do keep a lookout for details on how you can participate in the next season of The Apartment!

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