2014, Just Do it

This is my mantra for 2014 : Just do it. This classic Nike’s slogan doesn’t just applies to fitness but also, in every other aspects of life.

Do you remember those times when you felt like signing up for gym membership, traveling to somewhere exotic and far off, thinking whether you should text your crush or not, or whether you should just cut off ties with someone or pack your bag and leave your current job. Let me tell you this – if this recurring thought has been bothering you for the longest time ever, then it’s probably what your heart is tell you to do. So? Just do it.

I admit that I do get really indecisive at times and very often couldn’t make the right decisions that would have otherwise made me a happier person on earth. But of course, I am not going to blame myself for all the wrong moves I’ve taken back in the past. In fact, this year, I want to fix and get things right on track. It might sound naive or even absurd at this point, but if inspirational figures like Steve Jobs could change his fate of life for the better despite being a school drop-out, then why can’t I?

This year, I just want to focus on a few aspects and work on it. Nothing more than that.

1. Health and Fitness

I just renewed my gym membership as I want to continue attending the advance floating yoga classes, dance, Zumba and other Les Mills classes. My target for this year is carve out some abs for a stronger core and trim the fats off my limbs for a toner arms and legs. I was blessed with the opportunity to do fitness reviews for gym and fitness centres and I believe that my goal in getting a fitter body wouldn’t be really far. I’m getting there!

Do you know that the excess fat around your body not only cause health problems but also causes you to age faster? I just learnt that I should exercise smarter and take short breaks into between workouts instead of exercising non-stop for 4 or 5 hours. In that way, the body will burn fats more efficiently.

My renewed passion for dancing has got me to take up the Zumba instructor course as I thought I would be able to learn dance while teaching others. But I didn’t have the guts to start my own class even though I was given the opportunity to do so. This year, the opportunity knocks at my door again. Why wait? I am going to teach Zumba very soon!

As for health, I would like to experiment more with raw food recipes, eat less meat and continue to juice. As for now, I am still sticking to the semi-vegetarian diet where I would avoid eating meat for most days.

More importantly, I want to learn how to love my body and accept the way it looks. The conversation I had with a stranger at the gym last year has inspired me to share this crucial message to all women. She simply said, “How many women these days could look themselves into the mirror and say that they are beautiful?” Instead of thinking ‘Gosh! Look at the flabby stomach and butterfly arms!’ whenever you look into the mirror, you should be thinking ‘ I’m blessed with a healthy and beautiful body.’

2. Blog and YouTube

For the longest time ever, I’ve been wanting to buy a digital piano after I sold my old classical piano away. But I didn’t purchase it til today. Why? First of all, I wasn’t very confident of my piano playing skills. I know I couldn’t play well but I love striking the keys with my fingers to make music. Secondly, a digital piano does not come cheap.  I thought, ‘This is it. It’s now or never. I’m no longer going to wait.” After my Muay Thai and circuit training class, I went straight down to Best Denki and bought myself a Casio Privia PX 850 piano. This is my commitment to learn and make music.

With my new digital piano arriving, I do hope that I could sing and play songs on the piano. I would like to do more song covers. Perhaps, I might want to compose and write my own songs.

Blogging has been a great platform for me to share ideas, gain new experiences and work with different people. This blog is an outlet for me to express my creativity through words and pictures. But this year, I want to focus on writing articles that inspire people and sharing about my thoughts and opinions through heartfelt words. I may not be a fantastic writer but I find that I expressed myself better through words. This isn’t just a blog, online magazine or website. This is my diary; my personal life notebook.

3. Love

It’s a taboo but as much as I want to hide my feelings, sweep it under the carpet and pretending that everything’s okay, I couldn’t. And this year, I felt ever more than ready to commit myself into a relationship that would allow me to progress and experience the other facet of life. The following sentence from the bible couldn’t be more apt in telling me what I should do.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

If you know me personally in real life, you will not that I’m not just a regular girl with a common name called Denise. There’s an extra ‘e’ in my name. It ain’t a spelling error. It’s there to make it extra special. I am here for a reason and I’m just waiting for that someone extra special too. 

Be brave and bold.Just do it.

You don’t have to wait til New year to start drafting your resolutions.

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