25 Facts About Me

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1. My name is actually pronounced as Dee-nise. My mother added that extra letter ‘e’ in the common name, Denise, to make it unique.
2. I was never a mixed-blood (some couldn’t believe that I’m pure Singaporean Chinese) but I do have roots in Sumatra, Indonesia. 
3. I was born on the same day as Audrey Hepburn. For some very strange reasons, I do find part of myself in her.
4. I looked like a baby sumo wrestler when I was two. The baby fats are still stuck in my body today.
5. My paternal grandfather has over 16 children. It’s a hard time trying to remember the name of all my relatives. I missed the huge family gatherings during Chinese New Year where I would have endless reunion dinners with all my cousins and relatives in the family. I have over a hundred relatives who are related to me through family ties and blood. But all these family ties were weakened after my grandfather passed away.
6. My first fan crush is Ben Adams from the boyband, A1. I was so in love with A1 back then.
7. I had my first crush when I was 14. I would secretly place a can of red bull and Mars bar underneath his desk before he comes to school.
8. During my secondary school days, I realized that I had a photographic memory where I could literally ‘flipped the book’ in my head during history exams.
9. I was a studious kid back in school who is quite particular about grades. It all started when I realize that I have the potential to ace in almost every subject.
10. My greatest love story took place in Paris.
11. My childhood dream is to become a singer.
12. I was being picked at in school for being that smarty pants who topped the level.
13. I use to study French and Vietnamese in university. Because I was so in love with learning languages back then, I started to pick up Arabic and Bahasa Indonesia as well.The immersion programmes I went for as really helped me to deepen my knowledge and love for these languages but I’ve lost touch with both languages after starting a proper job.
14. My first job is a waitress job at Secret Recipe. I was 16 then and had some free time after completing my O Levels. I accidentally spilled a glass of ice water onto a customer and I never dared to report for work the very next day.
15. I love to dance even though I might look really awkward prancing on the dance floor.
16. I am a flexitarian who prefers veggies over meat. I’m hoping to go raw vegan someday.
17.  I was a turf club-kid back then due to my weight. But I always got away with it because my mum would write a letter to the school explaining that I am taking part in other external fitness programmes. The truth is, I wasn’t even exercising to keep fit. But now, I do. It took me so long to realize the importance of exercising and eating healthy.
18. I love to do portrait sketching. There’s an artsy-fartsy side of me. I was so proud of myself my when art teacher kept my art pieces for display in secondary school!
19. I love to learn and I’m eager to learn almost everything in the world.
20. I have turned my room into a music studio. I can play the piano, guitar and ukulele. I am mad about music but I am just not hardworking and committed enough to master all these instruments.
21. When I was a teenager, I have a dream of creating my own fashion label called Glitz. I was so inspired to fulfil the dream that I started sewing Glitz-labelled pouches for my friends as birthday presents.
22. There’s a clown in me (though I’m introverted by nature). I made my cousin laughed till she peed on the floor. I can be really funny. Seriously.
23. I use to own a puppy named Prinny but my brother sold her away as no one had the time to look after her.
24. I used to attend vocal training courses at Lee Wei Song School of Music. When I first got enrolled into this music school, everyone thought that I sounded like Stefanie Sun. But today, I found my own individual unique voice.
25. I am who I am.
 I am that girl who loves perfumes, the colour pink, gyming, cooking, singing, dancing and blogging. I may seem like any other regular girl on the street but I have big dreams to be fulfilled. Perhaps the time is not ripe yet but I will continue to stay grounded and live life to the fullest.
Thank you for reading this blog post. Penning down 25 facts about yourself is one of the ways to exercise gratitude and appreciation. Besides capturing all the happy moments in your life, take a step back and walk down the memory lane to see if there’s any ‘treasures’ you can find. It might help you to find yourself back again.

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