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Which is easier to get rid of? Fat or cellulite? 
In my case, it has to be cellulite. Even with exercise and a healthy diet, I still have problem of getting rid of the cellulite accumulated at the back of my thighs after years of unhealthy living. Regular exercise has strengthen my thigh muscles and burn fat at the thigh area but the dimpled skin is still there. Oh, it’s a tough fight. 
That is why I am open to trying out other solutions to reduce the appearance of cellulite. About two months ago, I was introduced to 30 Days by Natural Pharma. You could label this as a slimming pills but I prefer to see it as a supplement that helps the body to give you a shapelier body. 30 Days also differ from other slimming products in the market with its use of natural ingredients. Since it’s safe and produces no side effects, I thought maybe I should give it a try.
I did a two-month trial with Natural Pharma and noticed a reduction in my hips and thighs after a month of consuming the 30 Days supplement pills for Hips, Thighs and Butt and applying the anti-cellulite lotion at my thigh area. But, of course, the reduction is also made possible with regular exercise and avoiding eating sugar, bread and rice. For me, the supplements is an aid to help me facilitate the body slimming process.
Below are some of the products I’ve been given to try:

(1) 30days(TM) Anti-Cellulite Lotion

This lotion works by increasing the temperature of the thighs up by 1 degree celsius for improved microcirculation that would reduce the cellulite state. It also reduces water retention and improves the elasticity of the skin. I would apply it on my thigh, arms and under chin and I find that it has helping me to lose those bye-bye arms.

(2) 30days(TM) Hips, Buttocks and Thighs (HBT)

This is actually a food supplement with herbal extracts, beta glucans and minerals. The other star ingredients includes Dandelion (an excellent liver detoxifier), Burdock (anti-bacterial), Dong Quai (increase energy and aids digestion), magnesium hydroxide (regulating the function of colon) and chromium (regulates carbohydrate metabolism). Overall, this product targets at reducing and reshaping the hips, buttocks and thighs while toning muscles and skin.

(3) Oxytarm
These tablets consists of mainly magnesium to help regulate your bowel movements. In other words, it helps cleanse and detoxifies the body by helping the colon to eliminate waste from the body. With regular bowel movements, I actually felt lighter and cleaner each day. That explains why I really love these tablets very much!

All products can be found at Guardian Health and Beauty, Watsons and John Little stores from March 2014 onwards.

If you are having a tough relationship with the cellulite on your body, don’t give up with the fight. That rough dimply skin will be gone one day!

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