d’Good Café : Coffee Lovers’ Paradise

If you’re really serious about coffee, you shouldn’t give this place a miss. Once you had your taste of d’Good coffee, you wouldn’t want to hop to anywhere else for coffee or weekend brunches. They are particular about their beans, the way the beans are roasted and even the way it was crafted by their dedicated baristas. Right here at d’Good cafe, you could customize your coffee by choosing your own blend of coffee beans and brew it exactly the way you like it. You got to name your own personalized coffee blend because it is going to be like no other coffee blends in the menu. How cool is that?

Coffee bar at Level 2

I heard

Cafe spots in Singapore are usually limited in space but not here at d’Good Cafe. It’s a 2-storey cafe with several pretty photo spots that would keep your fingers busy with the camera shutter button.

This 95-seater café is pretty big so to speak but the seats get filled up very quickly even on weekdays. I was there around 4pm on a weekday and it was already quite packed!

Roast these beanies to perfection,yo!

One of the fascinating ‘attraction’ at d’Good Café is their automated lift with a futuristic feel.

Watch your head while you’re in there! 
( You would know what I mean if you’re there.)

Level 3 + Children’s Play area

Little bears buried their heads together for some serious discussion.
” Hey, why there isn’t anyone playing with us? “

This is one romantic hotspot. I could totally picture how this place would look like when the sky darkens with the moon left hanging up in the sky. The string of Christmas tree lights would look like dazzling little stars against the starry night sky.

Spotted a windmill right at the rooftop terrace! Would you have guessed why? This cafe is housed right at Holland Village.

Serenaded with love.

All that explorations of this place has got me really excited. I just couldn’t wait to settle down and have a good meal over freshly brewed coffees. You can enjoy their comfort grub which comprises of all-day breakfast, pastas, pizzas, sandwiches, pies and cakes whilst unwinding yourself in the cafe’s relaxed ambience.

” Dear Fairy Godmother, could you grant me a wish ? “

I haven’t had a really fantastic cup of cappuccino for the longest time ever. It tasted so good that I couldn’t stop ranting about it to my friend. I don’t even need to sprinkle sugar to sweeten up this delicately-balanced coffee. Besides, there’s some hints of sweetness in it.
Cream of Mushroom
( Creamy mixture of wild mushrooms)
SGD 6.00
Homemade mushroom soup always tasted more divine than canned or factory-manufactured soup.This is heavenly and with the falling temperatures and cooler weather in Singapore, it’s a perfect time to indulge in hot steamy soups.

Shepherd’s Pie with chips and salad
( SGD 15)
I wanted to try a variety of food items in their menu so that I could give a more comprehensive review and lowdown about its food. So we ordered a pasta, pies and some cakes and I am glad that I tried their pies because I have never ever tasted anything like this Shepherd’s Pie that is packed with yummy meat fillings and soft mashed potato layer. I was simply blown away by this pie.

Another specialty of d’Good cafe in their menu is Chilli Crab Pie. Alright, my dear seafood lovers, this is another way of enjoying chilli crab in the form of a pie!

Linguine served with portobello mushroom in mixed herb tomato sauce
(SGD 15.50)
What’s unique about this pasta is not in the sauce but the linguine itself which is cooked to al dente. Maybe I am just lucky because the linguine has a perfect chewy texture which I like.

If you see me popping by at this cafe again, you would probably catch me having coffee and cakes with my regular brunch mates. Well, their delectable cheesecakes and gourmet coffees is the reason why I would come back for me.

d’Good Strawberry Cheesecake
There’s an instant surge of unexplainable happiness that runs through my body when a morcel of this cheesecake lands in my mouth. It tasted like a cheesy and creamy strawberry shortcake. Okay, I take back my words. This is even better than a strawberry shortcake.

d’Good Maple Sea salt Cheesecake

This best-selling cheesecake depletes very quickly on most days so be there earlier if you want to have a taste of this maple syrup-infused cheesecake that has a little savoury taste to it. Non-sweet tooths would most definitely champion this dessert.

When I first tasted this cheesecake, I couldn’t help but to reminisce about my summer school exchange programme in canada while I had the amazing opportunity to eat maple syrup biscuits almost every other day. To the Canadiens, their bountiful supply of maple syrup is like their river of life.
They’ve got several other cake creations but I just couldn’t stomach everything that day. Afternoon tea at d’Good cafe, anyone? 
Dutch Ice drip coffee
(SGD 8)
Ahhh…yes, how could I forget about mentioning this glass of ‘coffee wine’? It isn’t exactly a type of wine as it doesn’t contain any alcohol but it’s chilled and light. This coffee is brewed with a Iced Coffee brewer and since I ain’t a coffee geek, I wouldn’t be able to explain the story behind this glass of coffee. All I know is that this glass of chilled coffee paired perfectly with the sweet and creamy cheesecakes. It has a sweet-bitter after taste and a pleasant fruity aroma that is unforgettable.

One of the highlights during this food tasting session I had here at d’Good cafe is the coffee customization experience I had after the meal. I wanted my cup of coffee to taste sweet,chocolatey and floral. And this coffee that I’ve created is a representation of me – and my blog.That is why I named my coffee blend as ‘Deenise Glitz’. I could order this same blend of coffee when I am back here at d’Good cafe. Or perhaps, if you trust my taste, you could order ‘Deenise Glitz’ too. 

The 3-step custom blend process
(1) Fill up a survey form so that the barista could determine your coffee preference
(2) Coffee cupping to confirm your preference and beans for blending
(3) Blending, brewing and naming your won coffee blend

Based on my preferences, the barista selected 3 variety of roasted coffee beans.

Adding that splash of hot water will bring out the taste and aroma of the grounded coffee beans.

Allow the grounded coffee to be steeped in hot water for about 4 minutes.

The taste test

This really reminds me of the coffee trail I did in Melbourne where we went around testing various types of coffee! Interested in taking up a Barista course, anyone?

‘Deenise Glitz’ coffee blend
It’s thick and extra chocolatey. The strong coffee aroma exudes independence and boldness. Have a sip of this and you will ever-ready to take on the world.

d’Good Cafe
273 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278992

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