How Spice Up Your Salads

Honestly, these couple of weeks has been really difficult with the expanding amount of workload and new responsibilities that I have to undertake. And to keep up spirits up, I needed to make sure that I continue to eat healthy and continue to stick to my fitness routine. To jazz up my regular salad bowl and low-fat healthy meals, I constantly thinking of new creative ways to up the nutrition and tasty factor of the food I eat. In this blogpost, I am going to teach you how you could vary your healthy meals with food products from myLIFE INC, an online store that offers healthy food products and other lifestyle products.

The super-nutritious Kale is one of the healthiest greens on this planet. It’s a popular vegetable which is well-loved by both raw foodists, vegans and juice fans and it’s such a fantastic superfood that I probably wouldn’t need to go on about the immense health benefits it can bring about to our bodies. It’s a rich source of antioxidants like Vitamin A,C and K and best of all, it contains a higher nutritional value than most vegetables for a smaller amount of calories. Yes, Kale is practically concentrated with so many vitamins and minerals that you could almost label it as a supplement.

And because it’s sooo good for the body, I would love to toss some leafy kale into my salad bowl or juicer. But fresh kale is not readily available in most of our local supermarkets. Besides, it can be pretty expensive! Say SGD10 for bunch of leafy kale? Other would think that I am insane to spend that amount just on vegetables alone. So, what’s the alternative? Buy a packet of raw organic Kale chips and sprinkle the crunchy kale leaves all over your salad.

Another way to enjoy dehydrated kale chips is to eat as a side dish with a bowl of brown rice! I think my Dad wouldn’t mind if I serve up a plate of kale chips during Chinese New Year Reunion dinner. Would he?

Previously, I’ve tried Loving Earth’s Raw Organic Red Kale chips but I find that their Yellow Kale chips tasted better. No wonder the Yellow Kale Chips out of stock now at myLIFE INC!

Another way of spicing up salads is to add some sweet slices of fresh fruits or dried fruits like raisins, cranberries, mangoes, figs and apricots. And I got this packet of organic dehydrated mango slices from myLIFE Inc which has no added preservatives or sugar. It has the most amazing dried mango taste on earth! It’s almost like eating a slice of super sweet mango except that the moisture in the fruit has been removed.

The mango flavour is still super intense as I munch into it! There’s something special about the mangoes from India.

Another heavenly find is this packet of organic dried apricots from Turkey. It’s so soft and when your teeth sink into it, there’s this burst of fresh apricot flavour that releases into my mouth. Gosh, now my parents are ‘stealing’ these organic apricots and mangoes away from me. They love eating these as snacks!

Yes, cut them up and toss into your salad bowl!Then add your favourite salad dressing and enjoy! Here I am using my own concocted homemade strawberry salad dressing which is made using only 3 ingredients! It’s a sweet fruity salad sauce with a refreshing twist. I will be sharing this salad dressing in my next blogpost so keep your eyes peeled!

After emptying your salad bowl, you could settle for some vegan healthy desserts and snacks like Seeds and Beans’ Extra Dark chocolate in Coconut and raspberry flavour or Sonnentor’s Organic Fruit Vegan Gummy bears.

Now I know why these gummy bears are a favourite among some of my Instagram followers. The gummy bears are extra soft and chewy. Here’s a warning! It’s SUPER ADDICTIVE. Once you pop it into your mouth, you can’t stop!

It contains no pork gelatin and I reckon that these gourmet gummies would be a favourite among the rascals too. Here’s what it contains: Glucose syrup organic, organic beet sugar, gelling agent: citrus pectin, acidifier: citric acid, natural flavor, natural orange flavor with other natural flavors, natural lemon flavor, elderberry juice concentrate, curcuma extract and algae extract.(It may contain traces of wheat.)

My little bowl of sweet treats. 
Here’s a great perfect gift idea for Valentine’s Day! Melt the chocolate bar then dip the gummy bears into the warm chocolate to create a chocolate-coated gummy bears for your valentine! 

A bowl of Simply Unbeatable Blues Tortilla Chips could be serve as a side. If you craving for something to munch on like chips, grab a bag of these tortilla chips instead. There are probably better than any other regular potato chips.

That’s my dinner after an exhausting day at work!
Salad, some chips,sweet treats and a cup of herbal tea.
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