My Fitness Goals for 2014

It felt great to be back at Radiance PhysioFit again in 2014. This time I’m back for more workouts and training sessions to get a fitter and healthier body.

My fitness journey begins all the way back in 2013 and through this journey, I realized that exercising isn’t just about losing weight and getting a perfect body. More importantly, it had made me realize about how exercise could build strength,endurance and agility in my body to make me a much stronger person. Physically, exercising will make you look great with toner body but my motivation to exercise doesn’t just revolves around that. My motivation stems from the emotional benefits that exercise could bring about to make you feel more confident and beautiful as a person. I couldn’t be any happier to know that I could simply achieve what I want if I just put my heart and soul into it.

Last year, my New Year resolutions was to lose all the flabs which have been stuck to my body for the longest time ever and to achieve my goal, I signed up for a gym membership, hoping that it would force me to make that commitment to exercise frequently. Well, it did! I was hitting the gym like three to four times per week throughout year 2013. I gained quite a substantial amount of skeletal muscles but I was disappointed to know that my percentage body fat didn’t change a single bit. It could be part of my diet but as many of you know, I’ve been cutting down on meat and eating mostly vegetables and fruits. I had no idea where have I gone wrong with my diet or exercise routine til I spoke to the fitness trainers at Radiance PhysioFit. I’ve realised that there’s the other side to fitness which I’ve yet to know about. So, you know what? I know it’s ‘back to square’ for me but I am not going to give up just yet. This year, I am going to spend the next three months working on my fitness goals with Radiance PhysioFit. Oh, and there’s my sparkly new Radiance PhysioFit membership card!

Setting fitness goals is important so that I could focus and keep myself on track. Besides losing weight, I also want to gain more strength and flexibility so that I could become a better yogi and a Zumba dancer. ( Yes! I might want to be a yoga instructor someday but this year, I am just going to focus and train myself to teach Zumba first. ) In order for me to set clearer goals, I need to know where I am on the fitness scale. Is it a 4 or 5 out of 10?

So last week, I went down to Radiance PhysioFit for a fitness test. It’s a complimentary fitness test for their new gym members.

Trainer Ian was there to conduct the fitness test for me and the first thing he did was to take my blood pressure.
Okay, let’s see how I fare.

According to the blood pressure chart, my current blood pressure falls under the normal category. You are in that red alert zone ( high blood pressure) if your systolic pressure goes beyond 140 mmHg. If I did not remember wrongly, my blood pressure use to hover around 120 to 130 mmHg when I first measured a year ago. The only explanation I could think of is the reduction of meat intake in my diet. I practically could go meatless for about a month before the cravings start to set in.

Next up is the height measurement. I was pretty taken aback by what I saw on the measuring scale. Are you kidding me? You mean, I’ve grown like 2 cm shorter? Has my bones shrink because my body is lacking of calcium? 

This is the most exciting part of the test – using the body composition analyser to measure how much fat and protein is stored in your body.

Ian got all the figures and data recorded on this member profile sheet. Three months later, I am going to see if I’m keeping on track based on the figures recorded last weekend on 11 January 2014.

This is my first time disclosing my weight to the world. I wouldn’t even reveal my actual weight if you are a close friend to me but here I am, announcing the world about how much mass I’m contributing to weigh down Singapore’s land. Obesity can cause a country to sink and I bet that this is something that the politicians have yet to tell you. So, in honour of my Singapore citizenship, I pledge to keep this country afloat by shedding off 10 kilos. I do not know how long I would take but I am hoping that I could shed at least 5 kilos at the end of 3 months.

The next part of the fitness test is a series of physical exercises that truly assess how fit I am. It’s like taking NAPFA test all over again. It’s this annual physical test that Singapore kids go through from the age of 10 to 18 years old. As a kid back then, I dreaded training for NAPFA. I would rather sit for a 3-hour Science paper test than to take the NAPFA test.

I did the Cardiovascular Endurance Test first where I was asked to step up and down the step board for 3 minute at a steady pace. Then, my heart rate was measured immediately after the exercise.

My heart rate was 146 beats per min and based on the chart above, it looks like my cardiovascular condition was above average!
Next, I proceed to do the muscular endurance test and below are the results.
Muscular Endurance Test ( 1 min)
Push-ups = 28
Sit-ups = 15
Squats = 43
Doing squats was easy because I’ve been doing squats with weights about two times a week and now my butt has firmed up 2 centimetres. Trust me, squats are one of the best exercises to get a tight and firm butt.

I don’t think I fare well for agility test because I felt rather clumsy when I am running in zig-zag motion around these cones. True enough, I find myself rather weak in speed, coordination and balance. Sometimes I even wobble a little when I do lunges.
Well, that would meant that I need to work my agility in moving fast. And I think more circuit training would help! But I didn’t really like attending circuit training classes because I find it mundane to do repetitions of the same exercises but I am starting to appreciate the benefits of doing circuit training because it really specifically trains on improving my strength and agility. 
Although I am not an athlete myself, I would want excel and achieve a higher fitness level so that I would be able to perform well during my favourite sports and activities. For instance, I currently taking up floating yoga lessons but right now, I haven’t been able to perform some of the advanced yoga moves yet such as ‘superman’ and ‘handstands’. I want to be able to do these yoga poses or moves with ease on my own. 
Alright you guys, I need to train like a beast to work on those triceps and fly like superman!
What’s your fitness goals for 2014? Do comment below and share it with me!

What motivates you to stay fit and lead an active lifestyle> One of the ways to get yourself motivated is to be part of the fitness industry! (I would love to work in the fitness industry someday!)

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