Printic : Memories of Love

I love taking pictures with my iPhone and share it my friends on Instagram. But sometimes, I wish I could print these pictures out and pin it on the cork board with my favourite pictures and quotes. Now, I don’t have to transfer photos to my computer just print my favourite photos out because I could simply sent it to Printic and they will send the vintage-style photos to my mailbox!

The beauty about using this app to print out photos for you is that you could get them printed instantly anytime and at any place. For instance, I took several photos with my pals when I was travelling in Hong Kong a month ago and I immediately send those pictures to Printic. Since you could add up to 3 addresses for the pictures to be sent over, I included two of my other friend’s addresses in Singapore so that they could receive copies of the photos too!
After the 5-day trip to Hong Kong, I was elated to find a bright red Printic envelope on my desk upon reach home. That’s like an early Christmas present for me!
Love polaroid photos? You will love Printic too.
The photos are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper and the photos have this slight glossy feel. Depending on the resolution of your images, the quality of the print-outs may differ but I am happy with the photos that I’ve taken. I edited my photos using a photo editor up to make the images appear sharper and clearer.
You could personalized your photos with quotes or messages! It would be really nice to send these photo print-outs to your love ones.
Now, I shall store these photos in my treasure box in hope that one day I could decorate my new home with these beautiful memories of love.
All the prints are $0.49 / 0,39€.
(First print is $2.19 or 1,59€)
No Shipping costs. 

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