Strengthening Your Joints and Bones

In case you’re just wondering whether I am suffering some arthritis or other joint-related old age ailments, I am just going to honestly say that goodness gracious, I’m not there yet! But I am suffering from some occasional knee joint pain due to sports and that’s why I am trying out Urah’s optimal Micellar Glucosamine cream for a better bone and joint health!

URAH® Bone Health 10% Glucosamine + Bio-Calcium cream

My condition of my knees has got so much better after performing a series of knee-joint strengthening exercises taught by the physiotherapist at Radiance PhysioFit. However, since I am training regularly on a daily basis and exercising almost every other day, I would want to make sure that my joints and bones are strong to bear the impact and weight of whatever training or exercises I’m doing. One of the recommendations of maintaining a strong joint is to take glucosamine supplements but since I’m embarking on a semi-raw vegan diet, I’m not very comfortable with eating supplements that are not made up of natural ingredients. Thus, Urah glucosamine cream was the next best alternative for me to maintain the health of my joints. This cream is clinically tested and proven to be effective. It also produces no side effects in contrast to oral calcium and glucosamine supplements which can cause gastric toxicity, kidney stones and heart attacks.

What is glucosamine?

It’s biological molecule which is produced naturally in the body to make Glycosaminoglycans which is principal lubricating protein in our cartilage, tendons, ligaments, synovial fluid and mucous membranes. Glucosamine deficiency, which is often caused by aging, can lead to conditions like osteoarthritis, joints and body pains. Taking glucosamine supplements helps to repair the damaged cartilage.


I’m currently using URAH’s new Bone Health 10% Glucosamine + Bio-Calcium cream that releases an optimal amount of bio-calcium slowly and steadily into the body along with vitamins, omega-3 and glucosamine.It remedies and prevents conditions such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, joint and muscle pains, inflammatory pain and cartilage damage.The cream is also fully absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin – no residue left on skin after application.

Glucosamine sulphate(10%), palmitol, omega-3 triglycerides, menth piperita extracts, curcuma longa extracts, carbohydrates esters, methyl paraben, ascorbic acid and water.

I applied about a 20-cent sized amount onto my knees twice daily and after using it for about 5 days now, I noticed the slight reduction in pain on my both knees especially after high-impact exercises like Body Combat. It works even better if I apply the cream an hour before exercising.

But, of course, to experience lasting benefits and avoid recurrence of the syndromes you are suffering from, you should complement the use of this cream with regular exercise. The best form of exercise to strengthen bones and joints is strength training like weight lifting. Attending group fitness classes like circuit training and body pump classes are not only great for building muscles but also for strengthening bones and joints.

The URAH® Bone Health 10% Glucosamine + Bio-Calcium cream is priced at S$45 each. It is available at Watsons, Guardian Health & Beauty and NTUC Unity Healthcare, as well as all major hospitals and general clinics in Singapore.

Promotions (From now till 31st March 2014)

Watsons and Guardian Health & Beauty are currently offering the URAH® Bone Health 10% Glucosamine + Bio-Calcium cream at a promotional price of S$35 each.

NTUC Unity Healthcare is offering the URAH® Bone Health 10% Glucosamine + Bio-Calcium cream at a promotional price of S$35 for one unit, and S$60 for two units, while stocks last.

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