The Kase ID : The Unik Kase that Spells You

When I shop for phone cases or covers, I always have a hard time choosing the designs that I like. Well, the designs and colour look pretty but it just didn’t spell me. That is, there ain’t any iPhone cases that screams ‘ME’!

And if you’re facing the same dilemma as I do, then you really have to check out The Kase. This is a store for your naked phone,iPads and tablets to get ‘dress up’ in the way you want it to. You could pick various cool visuals designed by their creators and get them printed on your phone case with a colour and material of your choice. Feeling that outburst of creativity in you? You might want to unleash that ‘artistic side’ of you by customizing your very own phone case design just like what exactly I did last week at The Kase, Ion Orchard.

There’s no other way to make your UNIK phone case than to customize it with your favourite pictures.

You won’t miss this stylish store which is located right next to H&M at Ion Orchard.
The Kase store was first launched in France, 2012. 
C’est sérieux?

The Kase ID

I saved some of my favourite hi-resolution images in my phone then I sent the images to The Kase’s email to get access to my images through their iPad devices.

You could form a collage of several pictures combined together or simply choose like single image. It would be cool to have your photo printed on the case but I didn’t really fancy the idea of staring at myself whenever I reach out for my phone. I’m not narcissistic enough to do just that yet.

I opted for my design to be printed on a white matte casing and included my blog name,’ Deenise Glitz’ into the overall design. If you don’t intend to include a photo of yourself on the cover, you should at least include your name or initials so that the kind souls would know who to look for in the situation that they found your abandoned phone, right?

The whole customization process will take up about 15 minutes. Talking about spending your time wisely, why not pop by H&M and check out some of their sale items? Who doesn’t love H&M?

Let this machine does the work for you while head out of the store for a shopping spree. Just remember to be back for your UNIK kase!

If you feel that there’s no artistic flow in you, look upon others for inspiration. Still no inspiration? Feel free to capture the imaginations of the talented international creators at The Kase. They would be happy to know that someone out there appreciate their artwork.

One of the products offered at The Kase which really caught my eyes is eco-friendly handcrafted wooden cases. If you own one of such cases, this would really make you stand out among others who carry plastic-made cases. It’s that perfect accessory for the environmentally-conscious people. I would really love to own one of these cases that evokes images of nature.

Oh, well but I’m happy with my pretty pink kitty phone case too! Where on earth can you find a similar phone cover such as this? I’M UNIQUE!

The Kase is launching a design competition called Unik SG to showcase the work of our talented designers in Singapore. Below are the details of the competition produce by The Kase X Nookmag!

Unik SG Competition

Unik SG Phase One: 1 February to 15 March 2014

Participants are to submit designs online on The Kase’s Creators Space. All approved designs will be posted on The Kase Facebook page. A participant can submit an unlimited number of designs.

Entries in Phase One will be judged solely on the number of Facebook Likes. The top 10 entries with the most ‘likes’ will proceed to the next phase of the competition.

Unik SG Phase Two: 16 March to 30 March 2014

The top 10 entries from Phase One will be reposted on The Kase’s Facebook. The designs will also be featured on Nookmag’s Nooked Section ( to accumulate nooks.

The final winner will be determined by a panel of judges (50%), the number of ‘likes’ their designs receive on The Kase Facebook page (30%) as well as the number of nooks on Nookmag’s Nooked Section (20%).

The Prizes

• $300 Cash Prize – Final Winner

• $100 Cash Prize – Most Number of Facebook Likes

• $100 Cash Prize – Most Nooked on Nookmag

• 1 Free Case Redemption Voucher (Worth $39.90) – Designers in the 2nd to 10th position

• 1 Free Case Redemption Voucher – 20 Lucky Voters

Registration Details

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Scroll to the end of the page and click Creators Space.

Step 3: Create an account. Both Country and City should be filled as ‘Singapore’. A confirmation email will be sent to you email account.

Step 4: To submit your design, click New Creations. Choose Smartphone (min 1200×2400 pixels) or Tablet (2400×3600). Files must be a RGB.

Step 5: Upload your designs.

Any enquiries should be directed to

THE KASE at ION Orchard, #B2-27

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