Viva La Papa! : Organic Hand Cooked Crunchy Chips from Peru

One of the reasons why I would rather spend a little more money to purchase organic food products is not that it’s much healthier but it’s also ethical and sustainable. It isn’t just about the fear of swallowing food with toxic chemicals and harmful pesticides but it’s also about being eco-conscious and sparing a thought for the Earth and its people.
With increasing consumer awareness and demand on fair trade and sustainable food products, I am elated to see more of such exciting products entering the market. One of such is Viva La Papa! Potato chips – organic hand cooked crunchy potato chips from Peru. These gluten-free and kosher certified chips are cooked by hand in small batches with no artificial ingredients or GMOs. Are you a health nut too? These are another healthier option of chips for mid-day snacking.
Photo credit: Viva La Papa!
Viva La Papa! Chips was introduced by Le Bono Collection and I was so eager to try all the chips when they send over a galore of Viva La Papa! Chips.
Okay, movie time! 
I’ve got no popcorn but I’ve got really heavenly exotic chips to munch on.
Exotic Sweet potato chips

Kosher product, Vegetarian, non-GMO, Gluten-free, Trans-fat free

Ingredients: Seasonal sweet potatoes, sunflower oil, sea salt.

I personally love eating steamed sweet potatoes. It not only fills you up with healthy carbohydrates but it also feeds your body with Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Iron and magnesium. Boy was I glad that there’s now another way of savouring the sweet potatoes – in the form of chips!

Just by looking at it’s colour and texture, you could tell that these sweet potato chips are truly exotic.Out of all the different variety of Viva La Papa! chips given to me, this particular one was my favourite! It’s thick, crunchy and tasted just like any regular potato chips except that it’s prepared in a healthier way where some of the nutrients such as Vitamin C and iron are preserved.

Vegetarians? These chips are meant for you!

Andean Native Potato Chips 
Kosher product, Vegetarian, non-GMO, Gluten-free, Trans-fat free
Ingredients: Andean potatoes, sunflower oil, sea salt

The chips itself looks beautiful and they make great sides on our lunch and dinner plates. Skip the seasoning as these chips are delectable on its own!

Well, if you are craving for something a little more salty, spicy or ‘barbecue-y’, you could go for these flavoured Viva La Papa! chips.

Andean Pink Salt Potato Chips
Ingredients: potatoes, sunflower oil, Andean Pink salt

Anticucho BBQ Potato Chips

Potatoes, sunflower oil, flavour ( salt, spices, rice flour, malt vinegar powder, garlic powder, sugar, natural flavourings, onion powder, tomato powder, yeast extract powder, dried bell pepper, oregano,

This product contains maize.
Chillies and lime potato chips (42g)
Ingredients: potatoes,sunflower oil, flavor (dried bell peppers,whey powder, salt,yeast extract powder,rice flour,spices,natural flavourings ( including natural lime), tomato powder, garlic powder,onion powder,
Allergen information: The product contain milk and maize.

Besides satisfying your cravings for chips and filling your tummies, buying a pack of Viva La Papa! chips also allows you to play a part in contribution back to society. Viva La Papa! makes a contribution from each bag of chips sold to Andean children’s charity Amantani. It’s an organization which provides schools and boarding houses for under-privileged children in remote Andean regions.

You can make a difference to the world through small actions like this.

Viva La Papa! has five delicious varieties available in 142g (SGD 6.50) and 42g (SGD 3) bags through Le Bono Collection in Singapore. They are: Andean Pink Salt, Anticucho BBQ, Chillies and Lime, Exotic Sweet Potato and Native Potato.

All Natural
 | Gluten free | OU Kosher
 | No GMO
 | No Trans Fat
 | NO artificial additives

Available in the following stores in Singapore:

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