2B Alternative : Road to a Smaller and Sharper Face

When we were much younger, the rounder the better.
Because having chubbier cheeks increases the cuteness factor.
But as we mature and blossom into womanhood, the smaller the better.
A sharper jawline will most definitely bring out the natural contours of your face, making you look more feminine and beautiful.
To achieve a perfectly contoured v-shape jawline, you will not only need exercise and eat healthily to trim off the unwanted fats but you will also need to invest time and effort in facial massage to lift, firm and shape up the facial muscles around the jawline. In order to speed up the process of creating the V-shaped jawline, I would use 2B Alternative For Face ( Slim Face and Contour) essence that thins out the chewing muscle and creates a sharper jaw. I’m not new to 2B Alternative For Face essence as I’ve tried this product before previously and witness its wonderful benefits in contouring and moisturizing the face.
Because I’ve been loving this skincare product, I’m using it again to see if it could further enhance my jawline.

Major active ingredient: Argirelene solution
It keeps the chewing muscle tightened and prevents the appearance of pendant and loose jaw. 

This product is more than just a slimming product for the face. It’s an anti-aging skincare product that helps brings about radiance and youthfulness to your skin. One amazing feature of this product is its versatility. This anti-wrinkle essence could be used around the eye area and neck to tighten the skin.

How to use?
Apply 2 drops of essence onto each cheeks after cleansing and toning. Massage the essence in an upward motion across your jawline and chin area.
How long does it take to witness the effect?

It took me about 3 to 4 weeks before people start to notice that my jaw become sharper. I couldn’t witness the difference myself but others could.
Another facial contouring product by 2B alternative is Mask for Face that promises to give your face that instant contour lifting. For me, the effects isn’t quite obvious after one use but the mask aids in contouring the jawline when it is used in conjunction with 2B alternative For Face essence. 
I personally like using 2B alternative Mask for Face for its unique 3D cut out mask sheet that hugs the lower half of the face tightly upwards, defying gravity. I half-wish that the mask was a full 3D mask that covers the whole face instead of the lower half of the face. It would then have been a perfect facial mask that lifts and contours the whole face. 
One month ago…

One month later…
Noticed how my chin and jawline is much sharper than before? Thanks to my healthy diet, daily facial massages and 2B alternative’s products that help create that V-shape face.
For more information, visit 2B Alternative website.

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