BeautyAsia 2014: Beauty Trade Show in Singapore

I haven’t been to a beauty trade show myself so it was really an eye-opener for me to visit this years’ BeautyAsia 2014, the region’s most established one-stop trade show for the beauty, spa and health industry. It’s back for its 18th year! It is more of a trade exhibition for industry professionals to learn about the current and upcoming beauty trends in the beauty scene.
What really piques my curiosity for this exhibition is the several upcoming products and brands that aims to go eco-friendly with the use of either biodegradable materials or natural and organic ingredients. For instance, there’s organic vegan-friendly nail polishes by Zoya which is formulated without any toluene, formaldehyde, DMP ( phthalates) and camphor. Now, vegans could apply these pretty nail polishes on their nails without guilt. Besides Organic nail polishes and rawganic skincare products, I was highly intrigued by O’right’s Tree-in-a-bottle shampoo that contains seeds! Read below to find out more!

Makeup brushes by Hakuhodo

World’s Greenest Shampoo
Taiwanese brand O’right’s latest Tree-in-a-bottle shampoos have seeds embedded at the bottom of the bottle. Once you’ve emptied the bottle of shampoo, simply rinse the fully biodegradable bottle before planting it into a pot of soil. This is super interesting and cool, isn’t it?
The shampoo itself contains only natural ingredients to nourish the scalp and hair without the addition of harsh chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, sulphates, DEA or artificial colourants. Right, I totally need to get my hands on these green shampoos. This has to be one of the most innovative green product I’ve discovered by far!


This nail shiner is simply amazing! I couldn’t believe how shiny and glossy my nails look after using these cute nail buffers made in korea!

Silver Care toothbrushes by Italy’s Spazzolificio Piave

These silver-plated brush heads releases a steady steam of active ions to eliminate bacteria upon contact with water. Want squeaky clean teeth? Use these silver-plated brush heads, my royal highness.

It’s truly an eye-opener for me, as health and beauty junkie! Hope to visit BeautyAsia 2015 next year!

Special thanks to Celine for this invite!

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