Benzac 5-Day Challenge

I last time I was battling with zits are probably a few years back where I had pimply skin with badly clogged pores. And applying pimple cream to snap out the zits was a necessity then. When I visited the dermatologist, they would prescribe me with Benzac’s pimple cream that contains benzoyl peroxide to kill the bacteria that causes acne growth. I haven’t had pimples since then but sadly, due to work and environment stress, the pimples are popping up once again.

So, things just come about as timely when I was offered the opportunity to undergo Benzac’s 5-Day challenge using Benzac’s cleanser and Benzac’s AC gel to zap out the stubborn zits. Just when I really need it, the product just came right up to me and I was more than happy to review Benzac’s products.

It’s great to know that Benzac has came up with Benzac AC 5 which has a water-based gel formula because with my current skin type, I could only use gel-based products. Any cream-base products ( even if it’s non-comedogenic) could potentially caused me to have outbreaks. 
This water-based gel formula has a light texture and the absorbability of the product into the skin was pretty good. When applying any pimple treatment creams or even any skin products in general, it’s important not to leave any product residue on the skin. Leaving the product to sit on your skin for hours might not sound like a good idea as your skin simply can’t ‘breathe’.
Benzac AC gel is formulated with Benzoyl peroxide which kills bacteria in just 48 hours. It’s one of the most effective ingredient in treating acne and preventing acne growth.

There are 3 different strengths of Benzac AC gels: 2.5%, 5% and 10%. The percentage refers to the amount of the active benzoyl peroxide in the gel. Here, I am given Benzac AC 5 gel which is suitable for treating moderate acne.

The gel formula is not exactly clear but it is watery and could be easily rubbed into the affected areas. After using it for about 5 days with Benzac’s cleanser and facial scrub, the acne-affected areas on my skin have reduced in size. But it is only after 2 to 3 weeks where I noticed the improvement in my skin condition where the acne scars have lighten and the skin looks much clearer.

Besides Benzac AC  gel, I also really like Benzac’s cleanser and facial scrub. The cleanser smells exactly like a mild baby bath foam and I like the fact that it’s a gel-liquid based that doesn’t dries out the skin. As for the scrub, I felt that it does an effective job in exfoliating the dead skin cells and debris but its exfoliating beads are very rough and might be little harsh for those with sensitive skin. Since I had sensitive skin, I use the scrub sparingly about once a week. My skin felt ‘ultra clean’ after giving it a good scrub. In fact, a good skin regime should include some form of scrub or exfoliating gel. It really made a difference to your skin!

Though I didn’t achieve an acne-free skin after 5 days, but at least my mild acne condition is under control. Fighting with acne always hasn’t been easy but it possible to combat it with the right products. Don’t give up!

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