‘Magnetizing’ My Instagram Pics with PixaRoll

Love capturing the beautiful moments in your life in squares? 
Well, I do. 
With Instagram.
But all those splendid moments could only be viewed online.
It would be nice if I turn these images into something more tangible
Where I could splatter my bedroom walls with my Instagram Pics
That would spur me to take a minute or two to reflect upon.
“What do I have to be thankful for today?”
Having a loving family and friends who cushioned you with marshmallows.
We live in a crazy world 
And sometimes, we just need to keep ourselves focus.
Who are we?
What’s our purpose in life?

You can make photo prints and paste them everywhere;
Or simply ‘magnetize’ them with PixaRoll.
Turning your photos into magnets which could be stuck to a magnetic surface temporary
without ruining the images.
Maneuver them and arrange them in a thousand possible ways to create a different outlook.
How PixaRoll makes your life easier 
Is by being your personal ‘printing kiosk’.
Simply send your photos through their mobile app
to get them printed on premium photo paper
or get them to transform your photos into magnets.
I was squeaking with joy when I received my set of square-shaped magnets
with a glossy finish.
That’s 9 pieces of 2×2″ set in all,
0.8mm in thickness,
With strong magnetic attraction,
That kept my magnets adhered to my refrigerator door.

My life comes in the form of squares
Balanced and equalized
Not too big nor too small.
And I am constantly reminded of my passion and dreams
Whenever I pop into the kitchen to refuel my body for more energy to live life to the fullest.
Sticking through thick and thin.
Did I forget to mention that they are great as gifts for both young and old? Valentine’s Day maybe over but they are still more amazing celebrations in 2014 to come.
Enter promo code “DEEN” for 15% discount off PixaRoll magnets.This code is valid until 15 March 2014. PixaRoll Facebook Page.

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