Naoki Yoshihara (by Ash) : Achieving that Kawaii Japanese Hairstyle

It’s just the start of a new year and I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could give myself a makeover? Well, I am in the midst of ‘revamping myself’ from head to toe. I’ve been paying alot of attention on my skin and body but have been neglecting the condition of my tresses. Yes, a hair makeover is exactly what I really need right now and it’s timely that I’ve been offered this great opportunity to try out the hair services offered at Naoki Yoshihara (By Ash), a Japanese salon located right in Liang Court, the so-called ‘Japanese Mall’ with several Japanese eateries and a huge Japanese super mart found right at the basement.

ASH is a Japanese Hair Salon brand which has over 100 shops in Japan itself and they decided establish a hair salon right here in Singapore. Although I’ve never been to Japan before, I would think that this salon looks no different from other hair salons in Japan. It’s simple, clean and spacious. And I would totally foresee that a couple of hours later, I would be walking out of this Japanese salon with the ultimate Kawaii (cute) hairstyle ever.

Meiji candies, anyone? A yummy candy to chew on while the stylist work on your hair.
I’ve been to other salons before where their floor is cluttered with clumps of hair. It gets pretty unsightly and untidy but over here at Naoki Yoshihara, they are pretty particular about cleanliness and does a great job in sweeping up all that mess after the haircut.

These rows of locker is in placed to store your bags and valuables.

No doubt about it, I am prepared to be ‘Japanified’, looking like one of the models in the magazine. Anyway, Japanese female hairstyles are cute and they really suit most Asian women.

I was greeted warmly by Masami Kuramochi, Creative director of Naoki Yoshihara By Ash. He introduced himself as Masa and though he is more fluent in Japanese than in English, I was still able to communicate the kind of hairstyle I would like to have with him. I actually half-wished that I actually could speak some Japanese so that I could flaunt off my language skills.


After consulting Masa, he proposed that I could have my hair coloured, treated then cut. I am glad that I’ve trusted Masa’s suggestions because my hair turns out really nice. He recommended that I should go for a dark lavender ash colour (LA 11), a brown hair colour with a slight tint of purple. It’s a sweet and lovely hair colour.

“Lavender ash colour, ok?”

“Why not? I love the smell and colour of lavender. Just don’t make my hair look too purplish, ok?”

The whole colouring process took place really quickly with two stylists managing my hair. It took them like 10 minutes to apply and 15 minutes for the colour to sit in.

Tadaah! Look at how glossy my hair is? This shot is taken after the moisture treatment,cut and wash. Masa went on to further do some touching up on my hair after it has been blown dry.

A hair-cut done by a creative director of the salon is usually very costly but it’s all worth it as a more experienced hairstylist understands the wants and needs of the customer better.

I’ve been ‘Japanified’.

Masa decided to style my hair after he quipped that my hair looks rather perfect and ‘kirei’.
‘Going shopping after this?’
” No, I am heading home after this. But I guess I still want to look good on the train.”

My hairdo was so neat that I felt as if I am ready for a photoshoot. This is what I call the ‘camera-ready’ hairstyle.

Arigato Gozaimasu, Masa!

Kawaii nei?

Make a reservation before heading down! It can get pretty crowded especially on weekdays!

Overall, it’s a lovely and fuss-free experience at Naoki Yoshihara (by Ash). I spent about 2 hours worth of time to get my hair done at Naoki Yoshihara. Well,well,well, in terms of efficiency, I’m pretty impressed.

Here’s an interesting video interview with the hairstylists at Naoki Yoshihara (by Ash) !

Naoki Yoshihara (by Ash)
177 River Valley Road 
#02-15/16 Liang Court
Singapore 179030
Tel:6333 5662

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