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Running a marathon was never on my bucket list as I never liked running but this year, I want to try a different form of physical training. Instead of doing yoga, spinning, Muay Thai, Body Pump, Zumba and dance, I thought I should incorporate some form of cardio and endurance training to push my fitness level up to another notch. And participating in a marathon has always been on my mind since I had a few friends who love running and I was partially influence by their passion for taking part in marathons. It just so happen that I got to know about an upcoming running event in Singapore and it’s called Run 350, organised by Young NTUC. It’s Southeast Asia’s premier eco-run in support of the global 350 movement. Being a ‘green’ blogger and a fitness junkie myself, I knew that this run is worth racing for.

Running for a marathon becomes more meaningful when you know that you are actually running in support for a meaningful cause.

Photo credit: NTUC Income Run 350 

Why 350? 

To preserve our planet, the atmospheric carbon dioxide level needs to be below 350 parts per million. Currently, our earth’s atmospheric carbon dioxide level is close to 400 parts per million! You know what happens when there’s too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, right? If this continues, tipping points will be triggered and irreversible impacts will send climate change spinning truly beyond our control. So, instead of exercising on machines and treadmills which consume electricity, why not head out to the open to run and soak in some sun and breathe in fresh air? is an international environmental organization which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in order to slow down the rate of global warming. This global movement is treating the 350 ppm cap of Carbon dioxide as a safe upper limit and using that number to campaign and rally for support to solve the climate crisis. One of the featured campaigns under (which I found very intriguing) is the campaign that urge people to divest from fossil fuels. It’s slogan is bold and outright with in-your-face words – ‘ It’s wrong to profit from wrecking the climate.” For me, it isn’t really an issue with our moral judgement. Rather, it’s the question about why invest on fossil fuels when you can invest in alternative energy? Why profit from something that results in a negative consequence when you could profit from something else which is more beneficial to the world? But the paradigm has started to shift as there are more green movements and campaigns coming upfront to rally for support. NRGLab is one such company that is heading into the ‘greener’ direction.

Me and Run 350

And to support the global 350 movement, I’ve signed up for Run 350 and boy, this would be my first marathon! So, how does running supports the global 350 movement? My participation that made up for the sheer numbers of runners in this marathon would, hopefully, garner attention from the media and raise awareness about climate change. My involvement may seem insignificant as of now but I do hope that I could contribute my efforts through other ways such as spreading this important message through my social media sites.

The Challenge

There are 2 categories (10 km and 21 Km) for his race and I chose the shorter distance. To some loyal runners,  10 km seems easy peasy but for me, 10 km seems like a never-ending journey for me right now. From now til 27 April, I seriously need to start training like a beast because I wouldn’t want to give up, not for my first marathon! It must have been a great sense of accomplishment for those avid runners who completed the marathons as this same group of people kept participating marathons after marathons!Whether you’re an avid runner or a supporter of a greener future, I would encourage you to join Run 350 with me as we strive to get fit and support a greener planet.

Run 350 has also launched the medal recycling campaign where you could donate your old medals to give them a new lease of life. Head down to their medal collection points if you have some metal to spare!

NTUC Income RUN 350, Organised by Young NTUC is happening on 27 April 2014, Sunday, 5.30am at the F1 Pit Building. Categories include 21km, 10km and a 350m Kids Dash.

The 21km half-marathon and 350m Kids Dash have been fully subscribed! Limited slots are left for the 10km. Registration is closing this Friday, 28 February 2014. Visit to register now! Also, visit Run 350 Facebook Page for the latest news and updates.

For more information, please visit the following links:
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