Zumba® Step @ Virgin Active, Singapore : Let’s Burn Those Calories Away!

Although I haven’t started my own Zumba class after completing the Zumba®instructor course last June, I did not stopped pursuing and learning more about Zumba. In fact, I’ve fallen deeper in love this Latin-inspired dance workout after learning in-depth about what Zumba is really all about. It’s a full body workout that a lot of cardio training and toning. And it’s not just another aerobic workout that have you hopping up and down to the beat of the music. Believe it or not, Zumba has came up with a series of unique fitness programmes that would boost your heart rate up and work those muscles to give you a toner and shapelier body.

The creators of Zumba have been really creative in taking Zumba to a whole new level when they start to introduce different forms of Zumba like Aqua Zumba, Zumba toning, and Zumba Step that caters for everyone. If you’ve been doing Zumba for quite some time and would love to try something new, you should totally try Zumba Step. The cardio intensity is risen up a level with the stepping board as they are more footwork. It’s slightly more challenging than the regular Zumba as you got to watch your steps but calorie-wise, Zumba Step will make you sweat and tear at the same time.

Keen to try Zumba®Step? Zumba®Step class  available exclusively at Virgin Active worldwide beginning 8 February 2014. It incorporates a gravity-defying blend of Zumba®flavour, step aerobics variations and fitness movements that set your heart go wild on fire.Soon, you will be dancing like you’ve never did before even without realizing that you’re exhausted. In the world of Zumba, it’s all about having fun.

” Zumba®Step comprises a balance of traditional fitness (30 percent), dance (40 percent) and step aerobic moves (30 percent) to encourage participants to use more energy to lift their own body weight against gravity. In addition to a significant interval workout, Zumba®Step strengthens muscles specifically the lower body — while also aiding balance and coordination. ” 

Last weekend, I had a chance to attend a Zumba® Step class at Virgin Active, Raffles Place to see if Zumba® Step could get me excited. Our instructor for that day was Doris and she’s one energetic bunny that kept us moving on our feet throughout the class!

The one-hour Zumba® Step class left me feeling super high so I decided to stay on for another Zumba class with Doris and boy, it does really felt great to sweat and dance your heart out!

After class, Doris went up to me asked if I was a Zumba instructor and I was like, “Hmmm…yes but I haven’t started my own class yet!” The point is I have the desire to teach Zumba but I’m not quite confident about leading the crowd yet. I’ve been approached by many who came across my blog and asked if I wanted to teach Zumba at their company or organization but I often have to decline their invitation as I didn’t felt ready to teach yet. But proggressively, the more I attended dance classes conducted by different instructors of various style, I am starting to believe that maybe I could do it and that, maybe it’s time for me to start teaching Zumba soon! If you wouldn’t mind having me as your Zumba instructor, do drop me a mail at u0703890@gmail.com

Stay strong and get fit!

See you for Zumba!

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