女人我最大 (新加坡) Lady First (Singapore Edition) Season 2: Beauty for the Babes and Hunks


Fans of Lady First, you’d be glad to know that Singapore’s version of Taiwanese beauty and lifestyle magazine show, Lady First, is back on StarHub TV for season 2 !

Lady First – Singapore (Season Two) will be premiering on 3 June 2014. And this time, there’s a Men’s Team and Ladies’ Team comprising of 13 ladies altogether. Who are the 13 lucky ladies? All of us from the media were kept uninformed til we attended the press conference last Friday at Orchard Hotel.


It was very entertaining just to watch and listen to Taiwanese host Pauline Lan on stage as she shared about her excitement for the upcoming new season of Lady First – Singapore. We all had a good laugh down the stage.

Skincare expert Liu Yan will also join the team of Taiwanese beauty gurus, comprising of Kevin Chou, Wu Yi Lin and Xiao Kai.


From left to right : Bryan Gan, Keith Png, Dexter Ng and Jackson Tan

Joining the team of Singapore’s fashion and beauty gurus is celebrity hairstylist Dexter Ng and fitness instructor Jackson Tan.


From left to right : Kelly Poon, Rebecca Spykerman, Hayley Woo, Lin Cui Fang, Lina Ng, Constance Song and Yang Li Bin

You will also spot these six new faces in the Ladies’ Team! Yes, I do see familiar faces!


It’s pretty obvious that these ladies were chosen to represent a certain age group.


The six new beautiful ladies will join the seven local personalities from the inaugural Ladies’ Team.


In the midst of the press conference, there was a burst of outcry at the door where Darren Ang with his team of handsome hunks marched into the ballroom with placards. Is this a strike for Singaporean men?


There was a comment made in the last season of Lady First – Singapore that Singaporean men dressed shabbily and do not know how to take care of their skin. Are Singaporean men really that ignorant about their looks? They say looking clean is not enough.

That is why there will be an episode which will be dedicated to men’s grooming. Be sure to check it out especially if you’re a guy!


There are the brand new on-the-trend topics for the 13 exciting episodes in season two:

1) Slim Down! Shape Up!
2) Hairy Nightmares
3) The Male Revolution
4) The Korean Wave
5) Hairstyles that make men go Ooh la laa
6) SOS Quick Fix
7) Online Shopaholics Unite!
8) Thigh-tanic
9) Tropical Winter Fashion
10) Cover up!
11) Bags Attack
12) Forever Young
12) Queen of Elegance


The press conference was a light-hearted one with Pauline’s humorous jokes that tickled all of us.


Just as the press conference was about to end, there was a thought-provoking question posed by the media that speaks about how else a woman can achieve beauty besides the use of beauty products. One of my favourite responses was from Pauline who said that confidence is what helps a woman to radiate beauty.Indeed, it’s an empowering tool that we ladies should work on it!


Time to groom Singaporean men!


Photos by Deenise Glitz. All rights reserved.

Lady First – Singapore premieres on E City ( StarHub TV Channel 111 / 825) on 3 June, every Tuesday at 8pm. It will also be available on StarHub TV Anywhere via


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