Gardens by The Bay: War of Roses – The Medieval Times

Things are definitely heating up here at the Flower Dome.
This time, Gardens by the Bay is taking you back to the medieval times.
Men in shiny armour and women draped in tunics and bodices.
A period where violence and civil strife preceded a strong government.
This is the war of roses.
The fight between Royal House of Lancaster and the Royal House of York, 
for the throne of England.
Behind the beauty of roses,
there lies the secret dark truth.
Beware of their deadly thorns,
That would pierce through any flesh.
But here, at the Flower Dome,
You could safely admire these beauties from afar.
Be swooned by the beautiful scent of these delicate roses.
Now, let’s take a walk into the garden of roses.

About 5,000 roses are used for the entire floral display with 60 different varieties.

Hybrid roses

I hear the wedding bells!

Maria Theresa
I wouldn’t mind wearing these sweet scent of Maria Theresa.

Christian Dior?

Beauty and the beast

‘Garden Dreams’

‘Who’s there peeking at me?’

The Knightly Prince

Mossy greens

Golden Tower

Among all the bevy of ‘beauties’, I find peonies and roses are the most stunning flowers on earth.
Perhaps a tea party in a garden of peonies soon at Gardens by the Bay?

Is life really like a bed of roses?

Where’s my bed of roses?

War of Roses

26 Feb – 6 Apr 2014
@ Flower Dome

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