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Besides keeping fit,eating clean and going vegan, there’s also this growing trend of using organic body and skincare products that are free of harmful chemicals and preservatives. Are you aware of how much artificial chemicals we are applying on our skin,body and hair each day in which some of it gets absorb into the skin and ultimately into our bodies?

Let’s look back upon our history – the time when women started to use raw and natural ingredients obtained from nature to beautify themselves. Then, compare what women use back then to today’s use of mass-produced beauty products which are heavily contaminated that chemicals that might cause allergic reactions in some people. Right now, it seems like there’s a reversal of beauty trends where people are now going back to nature, demanding for paraben-free products that uses mainly expensive natural active ingredients to repair,heal and improve the skin condition. And yes, there’s plenty of such ‘natural products’ which claimed the use of organic ingredients but not all of such products are certified to be 100% organic or natural. So, as a consumer, you got to read and study their labels really carefully.

What I do know is that there isn’t many certified organic skincare brands in Singapore yet if you’re looking for an organic skin care brand to use, I would highly recommend that you check our La Mav’s products which is made available at BHG Bugis.

I was first introduced to La Mav a few months back when I attended their product launch at BHG Bugis. I wasn’t so intrigued about their products back then except for the fact that it’s organic and it uses a bunch of active ingredients. But after reading up more about La Mav and using some of their products such as the Vit C-advanced nightly repair nectar from their Skin Brightening range, I was impressed with their commitment in producing eco-friendly beauty products that contains 100% naturally-derived ingredients to deliver visible results on the skin. (Read about my interview with La Mav’s founder, Tarj Mavi here.)

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I guess it isn’t about the effectiveness of the product that build my trust in this brand but rather, it’s efforts in being transparent and honest with their consumers. Not forgetting their eco-conscious efforts in using eco-friendly packaging.

All La Mav products meet the standards established by the European Union Directive 76/768/EEC to be free of prohibitive chemicals that are suspected of causing tumor, mutation or birth defects.”             –  La Mav

This time, I am reviewing four more products from their brand and two of which are the winners of the Nature & Health 2012 Beauty Award!

Cleansing creams works pretty much like cleansing milk where it is often use to remove light makeup and sunblock gently. It’s more moisturizing and gentle than cleansing foams which can strip of the natural skin moisture.

Product Features/Benefits
• Perfect for makeup removal on mature skin or skin that is prone to fine lines
• Use as a daily cleanser
• Removes impurities, perspiration, make up and pollutant
• Reveals a clear, bright, smooth and cleansed skin surface
• Bisabolol and Aloe Vera Leaf Juice calms, soothes and reduces redness
• Provides natural anti-aging benefits

I would use this cleansing cream with a cotton pad to remove any makeup residues and dirt. I like that it could be washed off easily and true enough, it’s very ‘calming’ and cooling on the skin when applied.

Applying eye lotions or gels is a crucial step in keeping the delicate skin around the eyes hydrated and plump up. Remember to incorporate this step and use a suitable eye product right after applying toner.

Product Features/Benefits
For daily use on all skin types
• Ideal for anyone experiencing dark eye circles, puffiness, or fine lines and wrinkles
• Great for reducing and firming under-eye puffiness
• Re-hydrates and revitalizes the delicate skin around your eyes
• Hibiscus esculentus extract (a natural alternative to Botox) has Botox® like effect
• Gently relaxes skin to smooth expression lines and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles

The firming effect of this eye lotion is noticeable after I have using it consistently for about a week or so. But if you’re in your twenties, I would recommend using La Mav’s Anti-Dark circle and ultra-firm eye gel as it is lighter in texture. This eye lotion has a thicker texture and it might be more suitable for those in their thirties and above.

If you ask me which of La Mav’s products is a must-try, it would have to be their serums or nectars.

Product Benefits
• Mature skin or skin that is prone to fine lines
• Skin lacking elasticity or requires lift
• Visibly transforms skin texture to appear plumper, radiant and youthful looking
• Promotes and strengthens collagen and elastin so your skin appears firmer and lifted
• Provides natural anti-aging benefits

Main ingredient: Commiphora Mukul Extract and Chlorella Vulgaris Extract firms and tones while Natural Hyaluronic Acid increases moisture levels to plump up the skin

This highly-absorbable serums works great on the skin. I would apply this on my neck area to fix the deep-set lines formed around my neck. Though I have yet to notice any improvement in the lightening of the neck lines, I feel that the skin around my neck is more conditioned and softer.

There were several other beauty oils offered by La Mav which includes Jojoba, hempseed and Vitamin E oil but I chose Tamanu because this ingredient is unheard of by many and I was curious to know more about the benefits of this skin healing nectar. It is said to have healing and anti-inflammatory properties which are ideal for acne-prone or sun-damaged skin.

This fatty acid-rich oil which is derived from the Tanamu fruit may not exactly have a very pleasant smell and colour but it has amazing properties in promoting new tissue growth and healing of wounds.

I would actually use this oil as a mask and leave it on my face for 5 to 10 minutes before removing it and so far it does a great job in reducing the redness in my skin. I am hoping that it would heal the acne scars on my chin if I use this product long enough!

Let’s be awed by the wonders of nature again. To regain natural beauty, you have to start by using the wonderful natural ingredients that we have been blessed with. Just think of the classical beauties like Cleopatra who uses natural ingredients like almond oil and aloe vera juice as a facial cream. Whether you are using organic skin care products or raw ingredients from nature, you are already on your way regain natural beauty through a safe and eco-friendly way.

La Mav will also be launching their new organic mineral make-up in Singapore soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!

To find out more about La Mav, do visit their website ( ) and their Facebook page (

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