Little Teatime @ The House,Dempsey: The Enid Blyton’s Whimsical Affair

Once upon a time…

there was a little white fluffy rabbit who lived in Enid Blyton’s The Enchanted Wood.

This was one greedy rabbit that lived in the House

Situated right at Dempsey Hill.

It used to be a barrack but it has now been transformed beautifully into a warm and cosy house with a lush greenery as its backdrop.

The greedy rabbit has a sweet tooth and his favourite food was none other than carrot cake.

One fine day, this bunny decided to create his own dessert menu

That features a medley of new cakes, tarts, and puddings.

And he invited the other bunnies to his House for a teatime party.

Dear Bunnies,

You’re invited to come for a tea party at my House! I will be baking sweet delights that warm the heart and stir up feelings of good ol’ fashioned comfort and reminiscences of childhood.

See you there!

It was a Saturday afternoon.
And it was a little warm outside so all the bunnies just couldn’t wait to get into the House to cool down with some refreshing fruit punch.

What a feast for the eyes!

Isn’t that The Greedy Rabbit? He’s got to be famous to appear on a book cover!

The bunnies just couldn’t wait to dig in the moment they saw the array of ambrosial delights displayed right before them.

Orange Blossom Carrot Cake
$9.50  per slice / $80 whole

HOUSE’s take on the classic carrot cake that’s kissed with the scent of orange blossom water and topped with orange slices. This 3-tiered cake is humongous and each slice is densely-packed with nuts and grated carrots. The health and fitness bunnies would love this high-fibre cake that contains generous bits of walnuts.

Mango Coconut Passionfruit Cake 
$9.50 per slice  / $85 whole
A moist tutti-frutti cake brimming with the natural goodness of sweet fresh mango and passionfruit. The bunnies love that each mouthful of the cake is brimming with natural fruity freshness and the shredded coconut flakes gives the cake a tropical flavour. In the midst of mango and passionfruit frenzy, there lies the yellow sponge cake that forms the heart of this delicious cake. It would have been heavenly if sponge cake was a little moist and a little ‘fluffier’.

Bunny Deenise just wished that she has more of it last Saturday!

There were MORE desserts to come as the white rabbit introduce all the desserts in the menu!

Lemon Curd Cheesecake
$9.50 per slice / $80 whole
Velvety smooth cheesecake jazzed up with tangy lemon curd. A must-try for cheesecake fans. It’s a perfect balance between a slice of no-baked cream cheesecake and Japanese sponge cheesecake. With the lemony flavour that makes each bite so appetizing and refreshing, it’s really difficult not to take the next bite. Even non-cheesecake fans might gradually start falling in love with cheesecake.
Key Lime Pie
$8.50 per slice / $65 whole
An old-fashioned favourite. Tangy lime curd nestled on a digestive biscuit crust, finished with torched meringue. This was Bunny Deenise’s ultimate favourite. The zesty lime curd was sourish but the moment it meets the sweet meringue, you will totally forget what sour and bitterness taste like. All you felt it just pure bliss as you’re sitting there enjoying your slice of key lime pie. Even Bunny Deenise wouldn’t trade this slice of key lime pie for a healthier raw vegan cake. This pie was way too good that she wouldn’t mind indulging on.

There’s another surprise from the white rabbit as he whipped out a tub of homemade ice cream and a pot of warm caramel sauce.

This was just the beginning.

The polka-dotted whimsical affair celebrated over freshly-brewed tea and cakes.

One of House’s speciality – Truffle fries!

Taro fries with truffle oil

Curry fries

Scones with sun-dried tomatoes and cheddar cheese

Bunny Deenise’s tea
Lemongrass Snooze

Oh, so unforgettable!

Snickers Tart
$8.50 per tart
Our twist on the Snickers bar and the classic chocolate tart. A milk chocolate tart studded with caramelised peanuts. This tart was bursting with a rich peanut flavour that would attract any monkey living in the faraway forest to come.

Caramel biscuit ice cream

Warm Sticky Date Pudding 
Beautifully light steamed date pudding blanketed with caramel sauce, topped with caramel biscuit ice cream. We think this is the best in town. The House brings up their warm sticky date pudding up a notch with their caramel sauce and caramel biscuit ice cream. It’s by far the best sticky date pudding in town!
Salted Caramel Toastie
Warm, toasted brioche topped with caramel biscuit ice cream, crunchy caramelised walnuts and lip-smacking salted caramel. This was yet another decadent treat that will warm your hearts.

Bitter Chocolate Tart
A bitter chocolate tart with a thick crusty edge – rich enough to satisfy all cravings. Oh, this isn’t bitter at all! It’s dark chocolate topped with chocolate mousse. It’s like munching on a bar of melted dark chocolate.
The bunnies all felt the sugar-overload after tasting all the treats in House’s new dessert menu. It’s definitely bigger, better and yummy than before. Like all the other signature dishes at the House, there’s also that element of surprise in most of the signature desserts served here. You will something like, “Wow, I never knew that something so simple and traditional could taste this…’ That explains why Bunny Deenise would rather have her YOLO meal at the House than at elsewhere.

Yes, the white rabbit was greedy but he ain’t selfish when it comes to treating his friends with some heart-warming desserts. You know how much the bunnies love the House desserts when you see that each one of them walked out of the House with a smile on their faces.

– The ‘Sweetest’ End –
– Deenise Glitz –
The House @ Dempsey
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Dinner 6pm –1030pm (last order 1015pm)
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