Mango Passion fruit with Acai Berry Soy Smoothie

I spotted some greenish yellow round fruits on the kitchen table and I thought, ‘what could this be?’ So I sliced it into half and was pleasantly surprise to see dark seeds coated with a layer of jelly substance… my goodness! It’s passion fruit! I haven’t eaten this crazily sourish yet fragrant fruit for the longest time ever!

It just so happen that I had some mangos at home so I thought maybe I could whipped up a tropical smoothie. That is how my inspiration for smoothies comes about. I source for ingredients in the kitchen and make do with whatever I’ve got. Sometimes, it turned out to be a failure where it tasted really awful and I had to toss it into the bin or force myself to swallow up the mess. And each time I fail, I learnt from my mistakes and I got better at mixing and combining ingredients to make the best possible dish or beverage.

But for golden moments like these where I had exactly what I need in the kitchen, my creation turns out to be a success. This mango passion fruit with acai berry is one of my smoothie creation that I’m truly proud of.

Mango Passion fruit with Acai Berry Soy Smoothie
Mango (half)
Passion fruit (1 whole)
Banana (half)
Acai Berry ( 1 teaspoon)
Chia Seeds ( 1 teaspoon)
Soymilk ( or any nutmilk) (200ml)
Sweet cacao nibs (optional)
Fully raw option: Mango, passion fruit, banana, coconut water, almond milk, chia seeds

Non-vegan option: Add a splash of greek yoghurt!

Blend all the ingredients together and add sweet cacao nibs as toppings.
What makes this smoothie so special is the vibrant cheerful colour of the drink that makes you think of sunshine and the perfect balance between the sweetness from the mangoes and the sourness from the passion fruit. The banana was also added to give the smoothie a creamier texture. And for a nutritional punch, I added in some chia seeds and acai berry to make this smoothie fit for any health or gym bunnies out there.
Try it!

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