V10 Plus : Fight Melanin with Quasi Serum

Konichiwa! I can’t wait to share with you about V10 Plus Quasi serum, the newest addition to their rainbow colour-inspired range of skincare serums! V10 Plus serums are the best serums I’ve used thus far. I’ve tried their collagen serum and it’s really a hands-down as compared to other serums sold in the market. That is why our ever-so-young Mediacorp artiste, Fann Wong has been using V10 plus serums, even till today!

I missed their product event launch about a week ago but I was thankful that I was given their latest products from the LX series (which include LX advanced eye treatment cream and LX advanced lifting cream treatment) and the quasi serum to review on. I’ve incorporated all these 3 products into my current skincare daily routine but for I exercise caution when using the lifting cream because it is too rich for my skin type so I only use sparingly on my neck to moisturize the neck area and to prevent the formation of deep aging lines and the sagging of the skin of the skin around the neck.I’ve been liking their eye treatment cream though. Through it’s labelled as ‘cream’, I feel that it has a consistency more of a lotion which is lightweight and slightly translucent in colour.

My current favourite skin serum is V10 Plus Quasi serum that aids in transforming dull and lifeless skin to a flawless translucent skin within two weeks when used regularly. It produces clarity in the skin by inhibiting the formation and accumulation of melanin. Thanks to the presence of active ingredients like Salix Alba (Willow) Bark extract and Hydrolyzed Prunus Domestica, dark spots and freckles are prevented.

Although you might not have much freckles or dark spots appearing on your skin right now, it would be good to use such products especially if your skin is exposed to the sun daily. Even with the use of the sunblock or sunscreen, dark spots may still formed and most of the time, they are hidden right beneath your skin. A recent skin analysis performed by a dermatologist has shown that there are dark spots and melanin forming right under my skin even though I’ve been using a sunscreen on my face religiously! It’s only with time that these spots will start to emerge if I don’t do something about it right now. So ladies, using a good sunscreen is not enough unless you apply sunscreen after every four hours during the day. We are still living in Sunny Singapore and besides applying sunscreen, it’s always good to use a product that slows down the formation of melanin so that your skin appears more radiant and translucent.

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Benefits : ‘ It inhibits the formation of melanin and prevents dark spots and freckles. With its intense natural extract and moist texture it leads to bright and translucent skin.’  Product does not contain paraben, chemical fragrance, artificial colour or mineral oil.
Used this ‘magic potion’ twice daily and with the application of 3 drops to combat melanin formation.
What is the secret beauty formula for a skin that illuminates with radiance?
A good sunscreen and V10 Plus Quasi serum.

Visit V10 Plus website or V10 Plus Facebook Page for more information.

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