5 Romantic Eco-friendly Dating Ideas in Singapore

Doing eco-friendly activities with your loved ones on a date doesn’t mean you are trying to scrimp and save by going for nature walks or hiking trails instead of dining in posh restaurants and watching movies in the cinema. And it’s definitely not about using recyclable biodegradable utensils or to attend a green workshop or seminar together to learn about sustainability. It’s nothing really geeky of that sort. In fact, my idea of eco-friendly dates involves retreating to the heart of nature that allows you and your partner to connect with each other at a deeper levels in a tranquil environment. I guess that’s when romance blossoms, isn’t it?

1. Green Picnic in the Park

Photo credit: whosgreenaz.com

Nothing is more special than a meal which is prepared by your sweetheart. Be it a healthy sandwich, bento box or pasta, just don’t bring along bags of takeaways from Pizza Hut or McDonald’s. If not, it isn’t any different eating al fresco outside of McDonalds. Take this time to put in effort and prepare something special for each other whilst listening to the green musical ensemble of the rustling leaves and buzzing creatures. Be creative. Who says you can’t have a picnic in the dark at the beach with some candles?
Suggested Picnic sites: Singapore Botanical Gardens, Fort Canning Park, Marina Bay Front 

2. Acro Yoga by the Beach

Photo credit: frederic-ballart.deviantart.com

There’s something really sexy about couples doing this partner-based type of yoga, together. Some called it the couple yoga where you would usually partner up with your loved one to do acro yoga poses together on the mat. It’s one of the best couple activities that builds trust and deepens connection between the two souls.

(If you’re single, keep a look out for LOLA’s couple yoga events on their facebook page.)

3. Having a Green Organic Meal

Photo by Deenise Glitz

There’s a reason why people are beginning to go vegan or vegetarian. It’s not just for the animals but also for the earth’s sake. Once in a while, have a hearty meal at vegan or eco-friendly cafes that serves delicious and healthy meals. One of my favourite cafes is The Living Cafe along Bukit Timah Road. It’s a quiet and cosy cafe to have great conversations over nutritious food made with natural ingredients.

Eat your greens!

4. Nature Photography

Photo credit: http://sunilwayanad.files.wordpress.com/

Everyone looks good under natural lighting. Our faces start to glow with warmth when the sunlight hits upon our faces. Nature parks are perfect settings for photography. Take turns to shoot each other and from there, you will be able to understand each other’s perspective of beauty. Select the best candid shots you took for your partner and tell him or her why he or she looks beautiful in the picture.
Suggested parks: Labrador Park, Singapore Botanical Garden, Hort Park, Chinese Garden 

5. Star-gazing at the Observatory 

Photo credit: www.lovethispic.com

I find that star-gazing is one of the most romantic things you can do on this planet. Sitting on the grass patch while gazing at the endless immense dark sky sprinkled with a trail of golden dust. Even with the heavy light pollution in Singapore, you will still be able to see some shining bright stars on certain nights. Did you know that there are free stargazing sessions held every Friday evening at The Science Centre? And if you happen to see a shooting star, don’t forget to make a wish together.
The above activities suggested are are both environment-friendly and energy-saving. The beauty of nature is found right outside of your doorstep.

This is a weekly article contributed by Deenise Glitz for NRGLab , an alternative energy and science-driven company based in Singapore. Visit their website to find out more about their current energy projects.

This article is also published on Love Out Loud Asia (LOLA) website as a guest blog post.LOLA is a simple, fun and private dating app that helps singles spend less time online and more time actually dating!

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