5 Ways to Tackle Quarter-life Crisis

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Bleah. Life is tough. It’s even tougher when you’re in your twenties, fresh out of college or university, preparing to enter the working world without knowing what is ahead of you. In Singapore, we all grew up knowing that there’s a road paved properly for us by our government. I grew up in a generation where we were told to a brain teeming with facts about Einstein’s theory and Trigonometry equates to success in life. We were taught about the complexities of life and the winding paths we have to face after graduating from university or college. We were also not told that the quarter-life crisis starts from the very moment we receive graduation certificates. Life doesn’t begins when you first emerge in this world; life only begins when you finally grabbing hold the reins of your horses. You might experience some ‘turbulences’ during a horse ride but that’s okay as long as you’re taking charge of your horses – just not the other way round.

Fret not, here’s how you could manage your horses like a pro by the reins without getting flung off the saddle.

1) Surround yourself with like-minded people but be open to other perspectives

Like-minded people will be the ones who will support and help you to mould your future and achieve the desired outcome in life. But do also keep an open mind because our personality and interests changes with time. A few years back, I wanted to be a linguist. But right now, I dreamt of becoming a yoga instructor or singer.

2) Plan your passion and take action

It’s okay to plan and dream boldly but you must act upon it in order to achieve what you want. I wish I was courageous and impulsive enough to follow my heart and pursue my wildest dream a few years back. If I had persisted and went on to plan my passion, perhaps I would be living my dream right now. But I guess it’s still never too late to plan your passion as long as you’re not giving up. I’m not giving up.

3) Know what you want what’s holding you back

If you had no idea what you want now, I strongly urge you to try out the different things in life. Take up courses, attend workshops and learn a variety of things and hopefully, you will be able to figure out what you want. It’s just like meeting the love of your life in the midst of everything.

Living your passion always involves some risks. Identify what these risks or fears are and figure out ways to conquer or overcome it. You’re never too old to chase after dreams because life itself is a journey of chasing dreams. Who cares if Justin Bieber becomes world famous at the age of 16? It’s even better than you start to live your dream now then living the dream of others.

4) Visit The Next Stop

‘The Next Stop’ is a youth initiative set up by four undergraduates from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) who are enthusiastic about helping young adults to tackle the quarter-life crisis. They are not wise-old fortune tellers or career counsellors to tell you the know-hows but they understood the many uncertainties and questions that clouded our minds. So, they have come together to create a platform for the twenty somethings to share and voice out their life concerns. Facing the quarter-life crisis? Don’t panic because we all do experience this existential crisis and feelings of uncertainty. You’re definitely not the only one who had no idea what to do next in life.

5) Get a copy of the Survival guide for the Quarter-life

‘The Next Stop’ team has also created a ‘Quarter-Life Survival Guide’ that includes important financial tips for those living in Singapore and career advice from young adults currently in the workforce. There are also tips on repaying tuition laons, using credit cards wisely, buying a house other information relevant to young adults today.

Everything might seem overwhelming as of now so I advocate that you should take one step at a time to work out what you want for your life. You will eventually get there. As the wise-old saying goes, ‘ A hard beginning maketh a good ending’. Persist and stay strong!

Remember that ‘the world is your oyster‘. You entitled to own that shiny pearl!

Visit www.thenextstop.sg for stories,tips and resources geared towards providing clarity and encouragement about life after graduation.

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