Baking Healthy Sweet Treats with 30 Days


We love our cakes and pastries, don’t we? There’s this love-hate relationship between these sugary delightful stuff with us. It could very well be a healthy or unhealthy one depending the type of ingredients used or the portion you feed yourself with the dessert spoon. If you would prefer to enjoy a slice of cake rather than indulging only on a morsel of cake, then I would invite you to follow me on this journey as I learn how to make pastries using healthier alternatives through a baking workshop organized by 30 Days Club, a platform to support users of the 30days™ supplements to a slimmer and healthier bodies.
That bright cheery Saturday morning, we made coconut mousse pie and chocolate cafe cake at Phoon Huat’s baking studio.


BUTTER!!! Lots of butter! I know it’s fattening but it’s actually way healthier than margarine. I think it was never made known to us that butter actually contains fat soluble vitamins like A,E and K2. 
It’s one of the most fragrant baking essentials that adds character to cakes and cookies but you got to eat it with caution as it’s high in saturated fat. 


One of the sugar substitutes we used that day was Sukrin, a natural type of sugar alcohol (Erythritol) that contains almost no calories and has 70% sweetness of regular sugar. 
Besides sukrin, we also use stevia, a plant-based sugar that also contains zero calories.
The Making of Coconut Mousse Pie


Shredded coconut mixed with melted butter




While waiting for the crust to be ready, we started to make the cake batter mixture for the Chocolate Cafe cafe.
Chocolate Cafe Cake


The messy concoction of sugar, eggs and butter that gives rise to yummy sponge cakes.


Instead of using normal baking flour that is high in gluten, we are using Besan flour or chickpea flour (Garbanzo) which is higher in protein and low in glycemic index. Chickpea flour could also be used to make hummus! However, the downside about using this type of flour for baking is the strong bean smell. However, the smell would usually disappears during the baking process or when left to be cool for hours.






Our coconut mousse pie crust is done!


Moving on, we went to make our chocolate mousse for the cake.



Icing the cake was easy and fun. This has to be my favourite baking step.



Once you’ve creamed the sides and the top, it’s read to be cut and served!


I actually enjoyed this coconut mousse pie better as it is light and creamy. But if I have to make this again, I would use pecans or nuts instead of shredded coconut as the nuts provides more crunch and texture to the base of the pie.


As for the Chocolate Cafe cake, the chocolate mousse was fantastic but there’s still a little whiff of raw bean smell found in the sponge cake layer. I reckon that it needs at least 8 hours for the smell to disappear so that you can enjoy a slice of gluten-free chocolate cake over a cup of tea.
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