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These days, I beginning to buy into the belief that being eco-friendly is no longer an option or a lifestyle choice but it’s a responsibility that we should undertake in order to protect this earth which is what we called as home. And being eco-friendly doesn’t means you have to purchase eco-friendly day-to-day items or to participate actively in climate talks to make you look like a true blue ‘eco-hero’. It begins by taking small steps in saving earth’s resources such as making the socio-conscious effort to save water, electricity, trees and food. Remember, this isn’t done just for the sake of our environment but also to ensure sustainability for the future generations. Imagine how our earth would become if we became selfless beings who doesn’t spare a thought for others and waste water, energy and food?

Thank goodness that I’m not the only one here who is trying to spread the green message around but there are three other like-minded ladies namely Lim Li Yi, Lyrenna Loh, Melissa Lim and Ong Ting En who co-founded an environmental communications campaign called Eco After Me.

Supported by the National Environment Agency (NEA), their campaign, Eco After Me, aims to increase offline interaction and inspire a positive change in environmental habits among youths in Singapore. Of course, their idea of inspiring a change in other is not just about brainwashing the minds of the youths with important green messages and facts about the earth’s dwindling resources but through a fun and innovative way. Playing an eco-prank on your pals to influence them to be more environmentally conscious!

And here’s how you can do it!

Visit then…

Source: Eco After Me

Frankly speaking, it’s not much of a prank but rather it’s more of like a mystery challenge posed upon your friends. They would probably me wondering, ‘Oh my… am I really a water waster? And who’s this person who send me thing postcard anyway. ‘ The cute postcard with an eco-message will probably probe them to think and reflect upon their actions. They would also be left wondering who the mystery sender is… Mom, girlfriend, husband, enemies or secret admirers? Yikes!

So after ‘pranking’ your peers and challenging them to go ‘eco after you’, you might want to reward him or her with something eco-friendly like these cute journals and albums from The Paper Stone! These items are made from recycled materials.


Can’t wait to start doodling in this cute notebook!


Can’t wait to start doodling in this cute notebook!

Do something inspiring today. Start an ‘Eco after me’ prank!

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