Giving Your Skin A New Lease of Life

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it is also undoubtedly the organ that requires the most maintenance and attention. I could easily spend up to an hour each day to cleanse and moisturize your skin to keep it looking healthy and beautiful.
For some of us who have acne-prone skin with enlarged pores, it can prove really challenging to achieve that flawless looking skin which we all have been longing for. In the world of cosmetics, you could easily covered up with a good concealer and foundation for a smoother finish. And if you’re talking about skincare, there are tonnes of products aim at refining the skin and treating pimples with salicylic acid. But when it comes to aesthetic treatment, we are talking about technology that combines the use of chemicals to bring clarity and youthfulness back your skin within the shortest time possible. That’s what essentially what technology can promise – fast and effective results. 
Perhaps the clock is ticking too fast for me or either I’m gaming up for the next level in pursuit of beauty. And I’m simply curious to know and experience the wonder of getting either a laser or chemical peel under the hands of an experienced doctor.  So about a month ago, I had this opportunity to work with Cutis Medical Laser Clinic to see how I could better manage the imperfections in my skin. 

Prior to the consultation with the aesthetic doctor, I did a 3D facial scan where I was required to pop my head into the machine right below. It basically captures close-up images of your skin. With this powerful scanner, you could practically zero in to see almost everything on the skin – yes, including bacteria!

During the consultation with Dr. Sylvia Ramirez, the Medical and Scientific Director of Cutis Medical Laser Clinics in Singapore, I actually get to learn a lot about my own skin. I was taken aback to know that my skin harbours harmful bacteria which could not be got rid off even after cleansing! No wonder my skin breaks out so easily. And little did I know that I’ve been using the skincare products that were not suited for my skin type. The cream-based products I’ve been using only aggravates my acne condition and breakouts without doing my skin any good.

To fix the problem, Dr. Sylvia suggested that I should relook into my skincare routine and use only oil-free products that suits my skin type better. She also suggested that I could do a chemical peel that could be coupled with a laser genesis treatment to produce better results to improve the texture of my skin. It all sounds good because it’s time to slough off those dead skin cells to bring a new lease of life to my skin. It’s almost like an all-round facial treatment that brings about a multitude of benefits to the skin.

Chemical Peel Treatment

They offered 3 types of chemical peel which varies from low to high intensity:

1) Fruit acid peel (mild peeling)
2) Salicylic acid peel (moderate peeling)
3) VI Peel (strong peeling)

I was a little apprehensive about doing chemical peels at first because I have not done such treatment before and I was worried that there would be alot of discomfort during the peeling process. So I was glad that Dr.Sylvia suggested that I could do a test using fruit acid and salicylic acid on a small area of my skin to see how to skin reacts to the chemicals. It turns out that both acids works alright with my skin and I was feeling less anxious about the chemical peel as I know what to expect during the treatment. There was only a slight discomfort on my skin as the acid produces this slight tingling and burning sensation on the skin. But it only lasted for a few minutes before the acid is being removed from the skin.

I brought back home a tube of Differin gel to treat the acne appearing at the side of my cheeks and some valuable skincare advice from Dr.Sylvia after my first consultation at Cutis Medical.

A week later, I went for my first chemical peel using salicylic acid. The whole process was quite bearable. My skin become very taut and dehydrated after the peel but there wasn’t much peeling observed. (Later, I come to know that it is very important to hydrate skin after a chemical peel! It aids the process of regenerating skin cells.) I reckon that I could actually try VI peel the next time round!
Laser Genesis
I was back at the clinic another week later for the laser genesis treatment.It’s a non-invasive laser technology that safely, discretely and effectively treats large pores, uneven skin texture, scars, fine lines and wrinkles, also diffusing redness. It also improves the appearance of wrinkles and minimizes pore size through collagen stimulation.
This machine sends beams of laser that would heat up the upper dermis layer and that’s when you will feel that warm sensation on your skin. Dr.Sylvia would describe it as ‘warm raindrops tickling down on your face’ and it felt just exactly as what she described. As the gentle, warm beam brush over the skin, you might notice a hint of unpleasant burning smell too. But not to worry, it’s the fine tiny hairs covering your skin that is burning, not your skin.

Once my skin got use to the heat, it actually felt quite comfortable to just lie on the propped up cushioned bed while getting your skin treated with care. As compared to IPL treatment, this laser genesis treatment is way better!

It will take at least a few more treatments before I can see results. But so far, my pimples on the sides of my face have cleared with the use of the right skincare products and differin. Dr.Sylvia replaced my sunblock with Glotherapeutics oil-free sunscreen and my rich moisturizer with Glotherapeutics oil emulsion control that works great on my skin. Right now, I am staying clear of cream-based products that could easily clogged my pores.
And this week, I will be heading back to Cutis Medical for a second session of chemical peel and laser genesis. I’m keeping my fingers cross as I go through the strong chemical peel which would cause my skin to peel for two days. Hopefully, that would be able to give my skin a new lease of life!

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