Healthy Snack Attack : From Chocolates, energy bars to Fruit Chips


I’m all hyped up this weekend because I’ve got my hands on some really nutritious snacks from myLIFE INC. to chase away my monday blues! From raw energy bars, freeze-dried fruit snacks to chocolate, I’ve prepared a basket full of healthy goodies to get me through the week. Now, there’s really no excuse for me to grab that bag of potato chips which is loaded with sodium and unhealthy carbs. If you have been looking for wholesome and healthy tidbits which are convenient to be carried around, I urge you to visit myLIFE INC., a Singapore-based online health store, and check out their variety snacks for raw foodists, vegans and health-conscious individuals. It doesn’t only offers great tasting snacks but also other products which brings convenience and to make healthy living possible for all.

So, which goodie made up to the top of my list?
It’s none other than these freeze-dried fruit chips by goVida. Nevermind if you find it hard to pack a box of fresh strawberries or lychee into your bag pack, these freeze-dried fruit chips are meant for those busy go-getters who’s bag is already filled with papers and gadgets. These individual packets of fruit snacks are so light that it won’t take up much weight in your lunch bags. Did I forget to mention that it actually tasted better than fresh fruits? 
Though all the moisture has been removed from the fruits, all its nutrients still remain intact.  


Strawberry and Dulce de Leche 100% Natural Freeze-dried Fruit snack (top)
Ingredients: Dulce de Leche (Sugar, Whole Milk, Sodium Bicarbonate) and Strawberries
Grapes and Pineapple 100% Natural Freeze-dried Fruit snack (middle)
Ingredients: Grapes and Pineapple
Lychee 100% Natural Freeze-dried Fruit snack (Bottom)
Ingredients: Lychee
I know, I know. It’s almost impossible to believe right? Fruit chips made purely out of fresh fruits without preservatives. That’s because freeze-drying itself is a way of preserving food!


By the way, these delectable fruit mixes by goVida are only available exclusively at myLIFE Inc.
Visit GoVida to learn more about their products.


Another snack that is worth mentioning is these Quinoa,Chia and Millet food bar by Two Degrees. These gluten free and vegan snack bars that are loaded with healthy grains, fruits and toasted nuts not only feeds your tummy but also a hungry child in other parts of the world. Your buy choice can make a impact in someone else’s life – remember that we are living in world where everything is interconnected.

For every 2 Degrees bar you buy, they feed a hungry child. To find out more about 2 Degrees’ mission and approach of bridging the gap between you and hungry children all over the world, watch the video below and visit this website for more details.

And last but not least, for the raw vegans, here’s another raw snack that you can indulge in. It’s Garden of Life’s Organic Whole food antioxidant matrix bars. If you ain’t have the time to make your own raw energy bars, you could get one of these living food bars. Though it may not be as crunchy or as great tasting than the regular muesli or protein bar, the flavoured ones are still palatable, especially the summer berry flavoured ones. It’s densely packed with so much goodness that it akin to a multi-vitamin pill.


Bonjour My Lovely Readers,

myLIFE INC. has created an exclusive deal just for you guys! When you purchase a pack of 100% Organic Dehydrated Mango, you will get a Seed and Bean chocolate bar (worth $9) for FREE. All you will to do is to enter this coupon code “Deenisespecial” which is valid until end of May.

These lovely organic chocolate from Seed and Bean are handmade in England and they come in various exotic flavours like Chili and lime, Cornish Sea salt and Lavender. I’ve tasted a few flavours and my favourite is Seed and Bean’s Extra Dark Chocolate with Cornish sea salt. The salt actually enhances the sweetness of the dark chocolate. This is the kind of salt-sweet treat that I enjoy.

Also, for a limited time only, buy one pack of Way Better Snacks chips and get another one FREE! This offer is exclusive at my LIFE INC so hurry up while stock last!


Who says it’s difficult to eat clean and healthy everyday?

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