How many times do you shower a day? Once per day is more than enough for me. So if I’m keeping it to once a day, I got to make sure I am using good and effective shower products that keeps me feeling clean and fresh throughout the day.

I like to keep my showers quick and simple because if I stay in the shower for too long, my skin would start to get all wrinkly and dry. You probably know what happens when your skin cells get immerse in water for too long, right? What happens is that the dead keratin cells in the outer epidermis layer of your skin absorbs water and swells up while the live keratin cells remains as it is (since it doesn’t absorb water). This uneven expansion causes that ‘wrinkly’ effect on your skin. That is why I would shower no longer than 10 minutes using a good shampoo, hair conditioner and body foam to remove all the grim and dirt from my body and hair effectively.

In the past, I tend to go for heavily scented shower products that would leave me a perfumed skin and hair but recently, I learnt that such products usually contains alot of artificial chemicals that may leave you smelling good but doesn’t necessarily leave you germ-free or clean. So now, I’m switching to shower products that uses natural or organic ingredients that is more gentle to the skin and hair and at the same time, effective in keeping my hair and skin looking healthy.

Currently, I am using Dr.Qu’s shower products which consists of the hairlith shampoo, body foam, cleansing bar and body lotion along with loofa to scrub away the dead skin cells. What really works for me is their shampoo and body foam that enhances the health of my scalp and skin. It has miraculously cured the mild rashes on my arms after using it for about 3 weeks. I started developing rashes on my arms since I started gyming regularly. It might be due to the mix of sweat and bacteria that causes the appearance of the tiny bumps on my skin but right now, I’m just glad that it’s all gone now.

After shower, I would use Dr. Qu’s body lotion to hydrate and replenish moisture to my skin. Because the lightly-scented lotion is rather watery, it gets absorb into my skin very easily. However, I would actually prefer a body moisturizer of a richer texture that has a scent that would linger on my skin for a long time. Nothing beats smelling good and feeling fresh after a shower!

Shampoo, wash, rinse and moisturize. That’s my fuss-free basic shower routine.What is your shower routine like? 

Read more about my review on Dr.Qu’s products here.

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