ORBIS Sunscreen on Face : Sunscreens with Skin Hydrating Boosters

I couldn’t stress more about applying sunscreens and it’s even more important than moisturizers these days that some sunscreen starts to include skin hydrating ingredients to keep the skin moist and supple. One of the sunscreen products that boost skin hydration and works like serums is ORBIS Sunscreen on Face Beauty. Their latest tinted-sunscreens comes into two textures: cream (left) and lotion (right) for different skin type users.
What is pretty cool about this product is that it contains this Skin Environment Control Powder that could either provide moisture when the skin is dry or absorbs sweat when the skin gets shiny and oily. With that, I would think that it’s great to use it as a foundation base.
You could also skip the moisturizing step with the use of ORBIS Sunscreen on Face Beauty as it contains 80% moisturizing ingredients such as Rosemary Extract, Raw Sugar Extract and other moisturizing ingredients derived from plants.
SPF 34 / PA +++ 
S$15 (28ml) 
I personally prefer using the lighter version of ORBIS sunscreen due to our humid climate in Singapore. It felt cooling and watery when applied on the skin. If you have skin blemished and enlarged pores, I would recommend that you stick to such light texture products could also be easier to remove from the skin. This works well as a daily sunscreen which provides UV protection and at the same time, giving the skin a brighter and radiant appearance.
SPF 34 / PA +++ 
S$15 (35g) 
This creamier texture is suitable for those with dry skin or those whose skin works well with cream-based products. Even though it’s cream-based, it’s still light in texture which can be smoothen out on the skin. This cream-based product also contains an added moisturizing ingredient Hyaluronic Acid Capsules that draws moisture to the skin. 
As it is important to protect your skin against UV, it’s also a must to keep your skin hydrated. When your skin is well moisturized, the makeup stays on longer too!
Stay UV-protected and hydrated!
ORBIS Sunscreen on Face is available at all ORBIS counters and stores.

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