O’Right Tree in the Bottle: How A Plant could Grow from A Shampoo Bottle

Talking about using organic and earth-friendly products, nothing really beats this shampoo product which could potentially grown into a plant. This is the first biodegradable shampoo bottle that could be planted into soil and eventually grow into a tree!

I was first introduced to this product at BeautyAsia 2014, a beauty trade show held a month ago at Suntec City Convention. O’Right’s booth stood out immediately with their pots of plants placed side by side with their products. I was intrigued by the plastic shampoo bottles that were stuck right in a pot of soil so I went over to their booth to find out more and I was pleasantly surprise that they actually embedded seeds underneath the shampoo bottle so that the seeds, along with the 100% certified biodegradable plastic shampoo bottle, could be sown in the soil, returning all the substances back to earth. As the bottle breaks down, the organic plastic and the bamboo bottle cap also becomes the fertilizer that nourishes the plant. It takes about 9 to 12 months for the shampoo bottle to grow into a healthy tree. How cool is that?

The concept behind this product is pretty simple : for every O’Right Tree in a Bottle shampoo bottle you use, you are actually returning the earth good by planting a tree. More trees, more oxygen and less carbon dioxide. Less carbon dioxide, less greenhouse effect. Also, what is produced does not goes to waste but it returned back to the earth, just like any other cycles of natural resources.

The bottle itself is biodegradable because it is made out of a bioplastic called Polylactic acid (PLA), a natural polyester which can easily be re-melted and re-moulded due to its relatively low melting point. Since it can be decompose naturally, why not cut the bottles into halves and buried under the pot of soil in your garden to fertilize your soil?

And if you’re left with the last drop of shampoo in the bottle, you can either buy the refill and reuse the bottle or snip it into half and plant it in soil.

This Green Tea shampoo itself is made up of 96% natural ingredients which includes certified organic foaming agents and green tea extracts. It refreshes the scalp and soothes tension.

Green Tea Shampoo (250 ml)

Eventually I actually do hope that more companies would up their eco-friendly efforts to create more of such green innovative products that is not only beneficial and safe for us to use but also to promote sustainability.

Such products might be very costly for now but perhaps in the future, when the demand goes up, hopefully, the cost of producing it would be reduced.

I have also tried their yoghurt leave-in hair mask which not only smells great but work really well in taming the frizz and softening the hair. The hair mask is made up of 75% natural ingredients and it’s non-greasy formula makes it suitable as a leave-in hair mask to maintain the shine in your hair.

This is one of those innovative beauty products in the market that you should totally check out even if you’re into the green lifestyle!


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