Que Delicioso with Christian Escribà and Patricia : The Crazy Skull Game

I didn’t know that making candies and chocolates in the kitchen could be that therapeutic.
That starry night, at ToTT, we went crazy about making skull chocolates that fizzles in your mouth as it melts. This was part of Christian Escribà’s made-believe dream. 
Behind his quirky dark-rimmed glasses is a man who creates magic with chocolates and candies, who’s a 4th generation internationally acclaimed and awarded master pastry chef from the famous family owned pastry boutique Pasteleria Escribà in Barcelona, Spain.
Indeed, we are experiencing all the glitter and magic that goes behind making fine chocolates under the hands of Christian Escribà himself. It’s one of those unforgettable workshops that would get etched to my mind.
We’re making skull chocolates for the crazy skull game. The genius behind this fun food game is none other than Christian Escribà, himself who thought that a dinner party could be made interesting by serving decadent chocolates that have a spicy filling hidden in it. And there will be only one, if not, a few who would unknowingly chose the chili chocolate skulls. 
Are you game for this?

A game that is inspired by the Day of the Dead, Día de Muertos, a Mexican tradition of celebrating those who have parted from this world. Well, there’s nothing really morbid about this Crazy Skull Game except that it brings us human beings closer to one another the love for chocolates.
That’s creativity spiraling out of the piping bag with Christian’s cheeky smile. 
Here, we are about to witness how the spicy chili filling for the chocolates were made.
That’s one red hot chili pepper!
Praline chocolates. If you didn’t the chili skulls, count yourself lucky as you would be able to enjoy the sensational taste of fine chocolates using high quality ingredients.
The chocolates were made interesting by adding these carbonates sugar granules or pop rock candy that explodes in your mouth. I use to love eating pop rock candy that crackles on my tongue. Kids love it, even adults too.
Salivating already?
The joy of watching chocolates melting into its semi-solid form.
One of the pastry chefs from Escribà Academy demonstrated to use how to make the skull chocolates using the mould. And there’s really no secrets to make these melt-in-your-mouth-but-not-in-your-hand lovelies.
Basically, to make the skull chocolates, you should first get your hands on the Crazy Skull Game set by  Escribà.
Next, fill up your favourite chocolate mix into a piping bag then gently fill up half of the wells in the mould.
Squeeze in a dollop of the spicy sauce. For a local twist, you could add durian paste instead.
‘Feed’ the chocolates right into the fridge.
Stay calm and instagram the lovely makings of the skull chocolates.
IMG_5563 (1)
Laid it all on the game board and you’re ready to ‘spice up’ someone’s life!
Christian Escribà is also the man behind Fantasìa by Escribà, the world’s first confectionery extravaganza to be held here in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. Together with his wife, Patricia Schmidt, this pastry power couple is sure to blow your mind with an unparalleled experience through the spellbinding showcase of chocolates, pastries and sugar.

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