Triumph’s Body Make-Up : The Hidden Seamless Support


A great support is a must, especially for women. Wearing the right bra not only makes you look slimmer, but also more confident as a woman. Actually, I haven’t felt like a wonder woman for ages until I recently tried on Triumph’s latest range of bras – the Body Make-up bra that is pretty similar to the T-shirt bra except that it’s ultra smooth and comfy while providing excellent support to give you that nice cleavage.

Triumph Body Make-Up 360 Smooth Fit

I am really liking the creamy yellow pastel one because it reminds me of summer, sunshine and happiness. Since it is lightly-coloured, I could also wear it under light-coloured or slightly translucent t-shirts.


It is made up of LYCRA® XTRA FINE collection fiber which offers comfort and extreme lightweight benefits. And I guess what I really like about this bra is how it really lifts up the bust in the right direction to give you a shaplier-looking figure. It’s amazing how bras have the potential to change your body contours, making you look sexier and more feminine.

New innovative bonding technology is employed to create a seamless finish.

The extra thin edges along the bands eliminates lines and blend into my skin flawlessly. It’s almost like appearing a sheer layer of makeup over your body that beautifies you naturally.


I don’t about you but I quite particular about the bra straps that sometimes can bring discomfort to my neck and shoulder area. But the under-side straps of the Body Make up bra is covered with soft fibres that doesn’t produce much friction on my skin.


Bras with underwire usually provides a greater support than those bras without wire. However, it irks me whenever the underwire of the bra cup would protrude out, piercing right into my flesh. So it’s good news that Triumph has also their collection of non-wired bras that provides ultimate comfort for a natural support.

You’ve already gained triumph when you are wearing a good fitting bra that gives you freedom in movement.

Ladies, don’t be afraid flaunt your assets with your favourite bra.

Triumph SG

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