Under the Sea with Love More’s Deep Sea Water Hydrating Mask


When 3D face mask first came out, I was so excited to try it as I thought it was one of those revolutionary masks that makes a real pampering treat for your skin. And this time, when Love More and Sexylook introduce their latest pure silk masks which incorporates the latest technology from Japan, I just couldn’t wait to try it on to witness the benefits of these hydrating masks.

I was given a box of Love More Deep Sea Water Hydrating Mask and some SexyLook Micro Inject Masks to try on and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of mask that works as well as from those masks offered by expensive skincare brands. 

After an intensive chemical peel treatment, my skin became very dry and I would need use a good range of hydrating skin care product to replenish moisture but into my skin that would also allows for the regeneration of healthy skin cells. So, a few days after the treatment, I’ve been relying on these masks from Love More and SexyLook to rescue my dry skin.

Love More Deep Sea Water Hydrating Mask


This is a daily fresh skin which is suitable for all skin types. Yes, I know that beauty experts usually recommends that usually face mask once a week is sufficient but the truth is, depending on your skin condition and the climate, we could actually apply mask frequently, if not, on a daily basis to really soothe and calm the skin. There’s a reason why sleeping packs and leave-on gel masks are getting really popular among the ladies right now.

Love More Deep Sea water hydrating mask used refined pure deep sea water which is rich in magnesium and calcium that would be easily absorbed into the skin. Their new generation of pure silk masks is more translucent and thinner than the ’tissue’ typed of face mask. The silk masks adheres better to the skin which allows the essence from the masks to get absorb by the skin efficiently. Thus, instead of leaving the mask on for 20 to 30 minutes, all you will need is to leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes before you feel that the mask is about to dry up and your skin has thoroughly soaked up all the hydrating essence.

Also, it leaves my skin feeling ‘more breathable’ with its ultra thin layer that allows the skin to ‘breathe’ better even with the mask on. Once I peeled off the mask, my skin felt more refreshed and hydrated. This is a quick-fix hydrating mask that helps prep up and refreshes your skin especially at the end of the day where your skin might look dull. And if you’re heading out for an important event that day, you could also use this mask to hydrate your skin before putting on make up. Did you know that make-up stays fresher and longer on a well-hydrated and soothe skin?

You don’t have to swim under the deep blue sea in order to get your skin well-hydrated and plump up with all the good minerals from the sea. Experience the benefits of the deep sea with this mask from LoveMore Water beauty series.

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My next review on SexyLook’s Microinject Mask will be shared on my next blog post.

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