I was out for my Birthday raw vegan dinner when my friend snapped back at me at said, “Stop looking at me with those pair of dreamy eyes!”.
“Alluring, isn’t it?”
These cosmetic contact lenses that I was wearing didn’t just enlarged my pupils but it also gives my eyes a bright and sparkly effect. It might not seen as au naturel when you’re looking up close, right into my eyes, but on photos, my eyes looked really round and doll-like.
Aesthetic-wise, it’s pleasing to the eye. Comfort-wise? I would say that I’m impressed by how moist the Freshkon Alluring lenses are. There’s this instant clarity in my vision from the moment the lenses adhered to my eyeball. In fact, I prefer wearing daily disposable coloured lenses as compared to those monthly ones because it’s not too drying on the eyes. Daily contact lenses are more expensive than monthly lenses for a very good reason. If you’re concern about the health of your eyes, I reckon that you should get the daily lenses which contains 58% water content for optional comfort and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) for optimum ocular lubrication. 
Wearing a pair of comfortable lenses is highly important for me because I wouldn’t want to be rubbing and blinking my eyes all night, wearing whether the lenses might just fall off, especially when you’re at an important event. I wouldn’t compromise for anything else for a pair of healthy eyes.
You’d be glad to know that these lenses has UV protection that shields your eyes from the harmful UV rays and thus lowers your risk of getting eye cataracts. It blocks 80% of UVA and 96% of UVB rays ! You will not only have to shield your skin from the sun but also your eyes too especially when we’re dwelling on an island that enjoys 365 days of sunshine. 
Hate wearing shades under the sun? Wear these ‘shady’ lenses instead!
I’m wearing Freshkon Alluring eyes in magnetic grey. I would think that it might appear lighter on my eyes but it actually looked very dark, almost like dark grey against my black pupils. It only made my eyes appeared slightly lighter in shade than my original eye colour. I deemed this colour to be more of  a natural shade that is compatible with our Asian skin and hair tone. So, I’ve been loving this shade of coloured contacts that possess a substantial amount of ‘magnetic’ force to draw attention.
It’s also available in 3 other shades – winsome brown, mystical black and mesmeric black.
The alluring eyes is round and dreamy that sparkles with true clarity.

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