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Approaching your mid-twenties and waking up one morning in horror to find lines emerging all over your face and neck? Fret not, it’s not too late to reverse the signs of aging as long as you get down to do something about it as soon as you discover these signs of aging. It’s better late than never, right?
Guess one of the most important things to start off with is to first embrace aging and acknowledging that aging is part and parcel of life. The pertinent question is not ‘How to stop aging?’ but rather, ‘How to age gracefully and naturally?’ 
Besides consuming more nutritious live foods and maintaining an active lifestyle as well as a positive outlook in life, we could also rely on skincare products targeting at improving skin elasticity and suppleness of the skin. Audrey Christian is one of such skincare brand that defy the mere signs of aging gracefully with its use of natural plant ingredients. 
Their concept here is pretty simple – they believe in the wonder of using natural ingredients extracted from mother nature to help you age beautifully.This cosmeceutical skin care brand develops non-invasive products that are high in biologically active ingredients that empower your skin to regenerate itself. It’s like providing your skin with natural supplements to boost its regenerative function.

Audrey Christian’s skin care line includes the following products:

1. Venetrim – Vein Reducing Gel

2. PUSH UP – Breast, Neck and Tummy Cream

3. PUSH UP – Age Defying Face Cream

4, PUSH UP – Age Defying Eye Gel


This is a unique product that aims at reducing and preventing the formation of varicose veins that very often appears on the legs and ankles of older women, pregnant ladies or people who are obese. Varicose veins are twisted enlarged bluish veins that appears underneath the surface of the skin that its formation is caused by weakened blood valves that do not function properly to ensure proper blood flow.
This product also works great for relieving leg cramps and aches too.


Product Benefits

1. Reduction and prevention of varicose veins
2. Improvement on broken capillaries
3. Reduced bruising
4. Reduced leg pains and cramps
5. Reduced water retention and swelling
6. Improvement for restless legs

Nature’s own elixir :
Butcher’s Broom, common grape vine leaf, common broom, common horse chestnut, guarana, walnut, witch-hazel

These natural plant oils and extracts are water-soluble pigments that help maintain the health of small blood vessels and connective tissue.


I got my mum to use this product to treat her varicose veins problem and after a month later, her varicose veins are less swollen and and less purplish. It would have to take some time with the consistent use of this product to witness more effective results!


Product benefits:

1. Regain the symmetry of your bust
2. Shape, firm and lift your breasts
3. Remove stretch marks and scars
4. Diffuse wrinkles and fine lines on your body
5. Improve cellulite
6. Improve your skin tone and quality
7. Boost circulation to revitalize your entire neckline/decolletage


Apricot Kernel oil, castor oil plant seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, Soy protein ferment, Sausage tree fruit.


PUSH UP contains natural ingredients that encourages cell regeneration and stimulate the body’s production of collagen and elastin, boosting the skin’s elasticity. This in turns makes firms slackened skin on the neck, chest and tummy area and your breasts appear fuller,firmer and shapelier.

This could also be use to prevent and reduce stretch marks during and after pregnancy.



1. Reduces sagging
2. Visible facelift
3. Recontours
4. Reduces wrinkles
5. Super Hydrating
8. Illuminates


Common grape vine leaf, Soy protein ferment, Radish root ferment filtrate, Sausage tree fruit, Pomegranate, Sweet orange flower


The non-sticky light-weight cream that absorbs readily into the skin contains peptides from the natural plant extracts that helps the skin to produce more collagen.

This great smelling product also hydrates the skin and keep it firm and supple. I would use it as night moisturizer and apply it on areas that age easily (e.g laughing lines, forehead and chin). My skin do feels firmer and more hydrated.



1. Recontours the eyes
2. Lifts the eyelids
3. Reduces wrinkles
4. Reduces dark eye rings
5. Reduces eye bags
6. Super hydrating
7. Illuminates

This is one of my favourite product under Audrey Christian’s PUSH UP series as it addresses my saggy and droopy eyes problem which has been bugging me for the longest time ever. In addition, I prefer using eye gels as compared to creams or lotions which are too rich for my skin and might cause the formation of milia oil seeds. So the gel formula is definitely more suitable for my skin type that works effectively in lifting and freshening up my eyes.

 I’ve been using it religiously twice a day and massage the product thoroughly into the skin around my eyes. Soon, I noticed that my eyes appears more lifted. The skin around my eye area also appears more tighter and firmer. However, I feel that its hydration factor is not as high as other eye creams which I’ve used.


Gravity may not be our best friends but nature has always been on our side to defy gravity.

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