Beauty Biotics Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly : Enzymatic Facial Peel


I may not be a beauty guru by name but when it comes to skincare, I do know a little thing or two about the essentials of maintaining a healthy-looking and radiant skin. There are 3 essential steps which I believe that everyone should include into their skincare and beauty regime:

1. Cleanse
2. Moisturize
3. Exfoliate

This concept pretty much applies almost to everything else in our lives. Clean to unclog pores and get rid of bacteria, maintain the skin by hydrating it well and remove dead skin cells and debris to reveal your new perky smooth skin.

Scrubs was one of the first exfoliants to be introduced in the mass market and everyone seems to find pleasure in massaging those rough exfoliant beads into their skin to remove blackheads. However, a couple of problems surfaced when people start to realise that these facial scrubs might be too harsh for the skin and it might also worsen acne problems. That’s when gentle exfoliating scrubs using microbeads were introduced to the masses which is followed by exfoliating gel that simply strips the dead skin cells and clump them up together. I’ve tested a few of such exfoliating gel products before and it worked really well as an exfoliator to bring back radiance and glow to my dull-looking skin after using it on a weekly basis.

More of such exfoliating gel products are now made available at our local drugstores. One of such is Beauty Biotics Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly. I would say that this skin exfoliating product does a more intensive job of exfoliating the skin as compared to other brands of exfoliating gels. This is exfoliating jelly that contains AHA (Alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA(beta hydroxy acid) enzymes which are commonly use in chemical peeling. Thus, using this exfoliating jelly is akin to be giving yourself an enzymatic facial peel.


Although this fruit derived AHA + BHA enzymes are gentle on most skin types, I strongly recommend that you do a patch test with this product on your skin first to see whether it is compatible with your skin type. When I first tested this product out, I realized that my skin became very dehydrated as the enzymes penetrates a little deeper into the skin, thoroughly removing the layer of dead skin cells along with the skin’s natural oil. That is why your skin tends be very dry after a facial peel treatment. As such, I recommend that you only use this exfoliating jelly once every two or three weeks. It shouldn’t be use everyday or too frequently as it might cause your skin to be very sensitive as it might wear down the skin layer.


Use this product sparingly. All you need is about a 20-cent coin size amount of product for it to effectively does its work of exfoliating the skin. Then, massage the product in a circular motion and within seconds, you will be able to notice clumps of debris that looks like eraser dust. Well, those are actually clumps of impurities and dead skin cells! Rinse your face with water to remove the clumps.

The product ingredients will increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun so do apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen.


All Natural AHA + BHA Enzymes
Advanced Enzymatic Facial Peel
• Removes Black Heads and Dead Skin 
• Clears Sebum and Bacteria 
• Unclog Pores 
• Restores Skin Radiance and Brilliance 
• Speeds Up Skin Renewal 
• Improve Absorption Of Skincare Products
I noticed an instant luminance and clarity in my skin using it over a span of 4 weeks. I use it in place of facial scrubs, right after using my facial cleanser. Instead of visiting the aesthetic doctor to do your regular chemical peels, you might want to try using this gentler form of advanced facial enzymatic peel.
Beauty Biotics Exfoliating Jelly (150ml) is exclusively sold in Watsons (Retail Price:$43).

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