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You may have seen BeautyBiotics products appearing prominently on Watson’s rack shelves with their outstanding packaging that has its brand name screaming right into your face. It’s one innovative beauty brand that convince me that we could simply rely on products to achieve that flawless after- aesthetic treatment effect. What do I mean? Instead of going to the aesthetic doctor to do your regular facial treatments, you could now enjoy an instant aesthetic transformation, or ‘fasthetics’ with products from BeautyBiotics Dream Cream series.

Beauty Biotics is a Dermatological Cosmetics brand that combines Science and innovation to bring about immediate and long-term results and benefits to your skin.It is formulated for Asian skin, especially sensitive skin types and aims to provide anti-aging benefits.Their Dream Cream range doubles up as a skincare and make-up range with all-in-one benefits. 

What’s in their Dream Cream range?


BeautyBiotics Dream Cream UVWHITE SPF 50/PA +++

This is an anti-pigmentation UV mineral powder that works very well as a loose powder to set your makeup after applying foundation. It not only helps to set your makeup but it also provides whitening  and broad band UV protection benefits. Its powerful nano collagen + hyaluronic acid + Alpha Arbutin formula also helps regenerate the skin and reduce pigmentation.
You could also use this product in place of a sunscreen. Afraid that gel or cream-based sunscreen might cause irritation on your skin? Try these nano mineral powder form of sunscreen instead.


The product is easily dispense through the soft sponge when you dab it against your skin with some pressure as the powder could puff out. It does gets a little messy as the sponge might have picked some oils,sebum or dirt on your skin during application. So I prefer to transfer some of the products onto the back of my hands before applying on my face with a kabuki brush.


BeautyBiotics Exfoliating Jelly

I did a chemical facial treatment peel at an aesthetic clinic recently and I am satisfied with my radiant and glowing skin but the desired effect only lasted for about a month or so because my skin started to look slightly congested with whiteheads. Now, with BeautyBiotics Exfoliating Jelly, I could give myself a gentle chemical peel treatment at home.

This exfoliating jelly contains fruit derived AHA+BHA enzymes that eats into the dead layer of skin cells and clumps the dead cells together to reveal a clearer skin. It produces the same effects as those regular facial scrubs except that it does not contain scrub beads that might be too harsh for the skin.

Although it was said to provide a gentle exfoliation to the skin, I suggest that you should first try a small amount on your skin first to see if there’s any skin irritations. Even if it’s all good to go, I recommend that you use a small amount of this product and use it once every one to two weeks. Because this ingredients used in this product actually increase your skin sensitivity and if you use too often or too much of the product itself, your skin will become very dehydrated. So, use it sparingly or as when necessary when you feel that your skin feels rough and look dull.


BeautyBiotics Dream Cream Collagen Cleanse

The next product which I have been loving is the Beauty Biotics Dream Cream Collagen Cleanse that contains water activated foaming crystals. This is a unique foaming facial cleanser that cleanses and hydrates the skin.

This regenerating daily facial cleanser contains nano collagen and salicylic acid. The product comes in a form of powder and you will need to add some water to it in order to lather up into foam and apply the foam onto your face in a circular motion. Massage for a few minutes to allow the nano-collagen to get absorb into the skin.

Initially, I had no idea that the collagen cleanse powder could foam up into a lather so I’ve been dissolving the powder with drops of water on my palms and rubbing it gently into my skin. Lesson learnt? Read the instructions carefully so that you can experience the maximum benefits of the product. Eventually, I tried lathering the product but it was quite difficult to soap and fluff it up to form a substantial foam ball. It foams up just a little. Oh well, but it does a great job of keeping my skin feeling supple after one wash.


Moving on to the make up range, there’s the BB/CC Beauty balm colour corrector and BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder.

The BB/CC Beauty balm colour corrector comes in 3 types: fair, neutral or shimmer. It has a 12-in-1 Advanced whitening formula.


It doesn’t just correct dark spots and pigmentation but also control inflammation and refortify collagen and hydration in the skin. It’s a multi-purpose beauty balm to correct any imperfections and maintains the health of the skin.


BeautyBiotics Dream Cream BB+ 
Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder

This mineral pearl powder comes into two types – matte and shimmer. I would use this either as a foundation powder or loose powder to set my make up.

All products are made in Japan.

Would you rather rely on products or go for aesthetic treatments to achieve faster results?

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