Breakfast Staple: Crispier Nestle Fitnesse Cereals


I used to be a cereal killer. I would eat like cereals literally every morning til I got sick of it. But I’ve yet to tried Nestle Fitnesse brand of cereals till they have launched their new improved recipe which includes lighter and crispier flakes in three exciting variants of FITNESSE Original, FITNESSE and Fruit and FITNESSE Honey & Almond. Their cereals are made with 40%-53% Whole Grain that gives you to good dose of fibre to make you feel fuller.

I received a box of Nestle Fitnesse and Fruits along with a diary that has my name emblazoned on its cover in gold!

I like it when the cereal flakes are crisp and light so that it doesn’t get too soggy when it’s soaked in milk.


Sometimes, I eat this as a snack in between meals. And boy, they can be really addictive.


See the fruit chunks in it? Thought I wish there were some almond or nut flakes to go along with the sweet fruit chunks.


I find the cereal a little tad too sweet so I decided to pair it up with unsweetened soymilk.


The sugar in the cereals mixed well with the soymilk, giving it a mild sweet taste. Having cereals with milk is one of the quickest ways of preparing a healthy breakfast. To the cereal, you could also add some nuts and seeds to make it more wholesome.


Nestle has also come out with this FITNESSE 14-Day Program that is designed to kickstart consumers to a great lifestyle.

 They even designed a meal plan specially for those who want to embark on a healthier lifestyle.The FITNESSE meal plan recommends one to replace breakfast and one other meal with Nestlé FITNESSE cereals for 14 days. Besides eating healthy, always remember to exercise! Staying active is also part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle too. 


The Nestlé FITNESSE with new taste is now available at major supermarkets for a recommended retail price of $6.70 per pack. 
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